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Inside ‘Scream’ Actors Courteney Cox and David Arquette’s Divorce and Their Emotional Reunion a Decade Later

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Former co-stars Courteney Cox, and David Arquette, who were married for more than a decade, surprised the world with news of their divorce in 2010. A few years later, the pair reunited, birthing the most pleasant co-parenting bond in history.  

A brief scan on Courteney Cox’s bio shows her to be a champion of the art. She has amassed a wealth of knowledge as an actress, producer, and director. 

Amid her string of talents, the “Friends” star is a doting mother with a daughter she shares with her ex-husband, David Arquette. Arquette earned success as an actor, producer, WWE celebrity, and fashion designer.  

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Initially, the former Hollywood flame met at a party. They flirted briefly before working on the 1996 heart-wrenching horror film  “Scream.” Cox, a notorious sitcom actress, played the critical reporter, Gale Weathers, while the actor was the deputy, Dewey Riley.

Arquette was astonished by his co-star’s humor and looks and tried to win her over. His antics worked, and the “Friends” alum consented to a lifetime partnership or what may have seemed so from the start.

In 1999, they tied the knot and welcomed a child five years later. But their marriage lasted for eleven years, ending legally three years after the divorce was filed.


Arquette’s personality reeked of positive confidence, and most of his roles have amplified these traits. It was one of the ways he impressed Cox, but it was not enough to keep the fire burning.

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The most significant role in his life that could not be handled seamlessly was that of a mature husband. The actor confessed that his wife evolved into his mother in their relationship.

She battled with his weird habits, including his choice to be a WWE star, playing with puppets outside a club, and becoming drunk during outings with other celebrities.

Before their marriage ended in 2010, Arquette tried to patch things up, but his wife filed for separation. While he must have displayed some unpleasant behaviors, he claimed that Cox was not off the hook either.

According to Arquette in an interview, his wife had denied gossip of being involved with Brian Van Holt. Still, after their divorce, he admitted that there was an emotional connection between the duo.

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In the same tell-all interview, the actor revealed that he had not been intimate with his wife for months and was granted the pass to cheat. Days after the revelation, Cox was furious, leading her estranged husband to tender an emotional apology.


There have been numerous details from both parties, recounting each other’s behaviors during their marriage. But one thing that strikes out is that they never communicated these issues or were never weary of them.

Cox admitted that they were different people coexisting as friends, not lovers. As such, it was challenging to ignite the sparks in their marriage. Although their divorce showcased their dirty linens in public, they remained civil throughout the years before it was finalized.


The couple set aside their differences and maintained civility because of their daughter, Coco. They settled things amicably, and despite their prenup agreement (with Arquette getting paid from his ex-wife, who is worth more), there has not been any hassle.

This friendship influenced the way they handled co-parenting. The actor confessed that his former partner has been immensely supportive and incredible as a co-parent.


Apart from working as a team in real life, the former lovers paired up to reprise their roles in “Scream 5.” Arquette was thrilled to be back as deputy Dewey Riley, adding that he loves working with the actress and the entire cast members. 

During filming, Arquette became emotional, and moments later, he recounted his feelings about working on the movie where he met his ex-wife. In his words:

“It’s a cathartic experience to just be able to act opposite Courteney.”

Cox also agreed that it was an emotional reunion, working with her former stars. She confessed that tears well up in her eyes, just seeing the same set of actors, now older.


Months after their divorce, the jolly good friends established new lives with their perfect soulmates. Arquette tied the knot with a news correspondent, Christina McLarty. At the same time, his ex-wife found love in the arms of guitarist Johnny McDaid.

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