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Inside Jessica Simpson’s Messy Divorce with Nick Lachey

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Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey went their separate ways after four years together. Their divorce was accompanied by a highly-publicized legal feud that made the headlines for several months.

Hollywood icons Nick Lachey and Jessica Simpson kicked off their romance in 1999 and eventually made it down the aisle three years later. Their relationship appeared made in Hollywood heaven during its early stages, so much that they snagged the honor of starring in the MTV series “Newlyweds: Nick and Jessica.”

However, their love story was short-lived, as the pair called it quits barely four years later, with their once-beautiful union ending in a messy divorce.

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Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey | Image: Pinterest
Image: Pinterest


Simpson and Nick Lachey tied the knot in October 2002, three years after their meeting at the Hollywood Christmas Parade. Three hundred and fifty guests witnessed the grand traditional Christian wedding, which took place in Austin, Texas.

Although the songstress was 22 at the time, she fell head over heels for the singer and married him despite their eight years age gap. Admittedly, the 39-year-old’s dad, Joe Simpson, who was her manager at the time, tried to dissuade her from marrying Lachey, but she was determined to let love prevail.

Barely a year later, their joint reality show, “Newlyweds: Nick And Jessica”, premiered on MTV, skyrocketing the duo to stardom.


Singer Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey shocked the world with the announcement of their divorce in November 2005. But that was hardly the end of the surprises the breakup of the former power couple would stir.

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Prior to their separation, speculations about their impending divorce made the rounds for months. However, the couple debunked the speculations, saying their relationship was better than ever.

Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey | Image: Pinterest
Image: Pinterest

According to the court documents, Simpson filed for the divorce in December 2005, citing irreconcilable differences. In their joint statement, the duo described the split as a mutual decision and assured fans they planned to keep respecting and admiring each other.

They finalised the divorce in June 2006, with the songstress dropping the last name, “Lachey,” and restoring “Simpson.”


Despite their decision to respect each other amid their separation, Simpson and Lachey’s divorce attracted its fair share of controversies. During the divorce proceedings, the pair charged Superior court judge Dana Senit with ending their marriage by “bifurcating” the case.

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By implication, they resolved to make the divorce official without settling all financial details. Perhaps that was a wrong move, as most of their frenzy were in fact, centred on finances.

Following their split, Lachey stated he reserved the right to ask for spousal support. He denied it in a later interview, claiming he had no intention of asking for alimony.

Notably, Simpson and Lachey failed to sign a prenup before their marriage. The actress once claimed she refused to sign one despite Lachey’s insistence because she never thought they would break up.

The mother of three has since described the move as her biggest financial mistake. Notably, their divorce ended with Lachey ripping her off millions following a heated legal battle.


Although Nick Lahey had a higher net worth than Simpson when they first tied the knot, the reverse became the case eventually. In 2015, the exes ended up at loggerheads after Simpson described her first marriage as her biggest financial mistake.

Lachey condemned the singer-turned-businesswoman for bringing up their failed marriage and divorce settlement. A source later disclosed that Jessica Simpson paid her ex-husband $12 million as divorce settlement since there was no prenup.

Going further, the source established that the failure to sign a prenup and the resulting financial loss incurred was the real reason the star considered the marriage as her biggest “money mistake.”


Nick Lachey has been open about the emotional implication of their divorce on him. According to the 47-year-old, he never knew their marriage was headed south until Simpson hit him with the divorce.

Soon after the split, the former boy bander released the powerful award-winning album, “What’s Left Of Me.” The hit album featured emotional songs, which detailed how broken their breakup left him.

In her 2020 memoir, “Open Book,” Simpson admitted she felt guilty after seeing an MTV documentary about the making of the record. Hence, she decided to reach out to him in an attempt to “fix” him since he broke down before the whole world thanks to her.

He honored her invitation, and they both listened to the tracks on the album, after which she ended up sleeping with him. Her attempt to make things better made her realize they were done for good. Simpson described the encounter as “Very dark,” noting she could feel his hate the whole time.


Following Nick Lachey and Jessica Simpson’s messy divorce, the duo quickly moved on to other partners. They navigated the dating waters for years before eventually settling down with their significant others and reaching a point of mutual respect for each other.

In July 2011, Nick Lachey married Vanessa Minnillo, who starred in his “What’s Left Of Me” music video. They have three children together.

Simpson tied the knot with former football player Eric Johnson in 2014. Their marriage yielded three adorable kids, Maxwell, Ace and Birdie.

Given Nick Lachey and Jessica Simpson’s romantic history and divorce, the pair certainly deserve a series in their honor. 

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