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Illinois Man Claims $1 Million Lottery on Valentine’s Day, Days After Breaking Up

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A picture of the Monopoly 50x game the Illinois man won
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An Illinois man was not so lucky with love this Valentine’s Day, but he scored a big jackpot in the Lottery. According to the Illinois Lottery officials, the man scratched off a $1 million prize on Wednesday, February 14, 2024. According to the man, who wished to remain anonymous, he recently became single.

After splitting from his girlfriend, the man would have spent Valentine’s Day without a date. However, he hit the jackpot with Lady Luck, raking in the biggest lottery prize three days after his breakup. With emotions running wild leading up to the year’s most romantic day, nothing prepared the anonymous player for the change.

The lottery officials said the Illinois man won a million dollars from the “Monopoly 50X” scratch-off game. “After I scratched the winning ticket, I completely panicked,” he told the Lottery. “I immediately felt my life change,” he told Illinois lottery officials. “I almost didn’t go to work!”

The man revealed he purchased the “Monopoly 50X” winning ticket from Walmart in Northlake, Illinois. However, according to the Lottery officials, he wants to keep his winnings a secret. While recounting his shock at the life-changing jackpot, the anonymous Illinois man noted he didn’t have a “special someone.”

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“I don’t have a special someone to share my big news with,” he told the Lottery officials. “Because my girlfriend and I broke up three days before I bought the winning ticket.” He added, “You can say I haven’t had much luck in the love department.”

“But that’s alright because now I really hit the jackpot,” he concluded. The winner claimed his prize on Valentine’s Day, expressing how the prize would change his life. According to the lottery website, the Illinois man won the first of three top prizes worth $1 million.

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However, the website noted he claimed the cash option of $600,000 before taxes. The “Monopoly 50X” is a $10 scratch-off game that started on January 2, 2024. It has become popular among players and boasts a top prize of $1 million. 

According to the lottery website, five of six second-tier prizes worth $100,000 remain. Furthermore, 21 of 27 third-tier prizes worth $5,000 remain in the $10 “Monopoly 50X” scratch-off game. With its rising popularity, many have asked about the odds of winning the game.

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The probability of winning any Monopoly 50x instant game prize is 1 in 3.39. However, the chance of winning the top prize is 1 in 2,036,500,00. Like most lottery tickets, players can purchase the Monopoly 50x instant game tickets in person at gas stations. Also, they can buy them at convenience stores and grocery stores.

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Some airport terminals also sell the tickets. Besides purchasing the tickets in person, players can order tickets online through Jackpocket. Like most lottery winners, the anonymous man did not disclose plans for his winning. However, he noted how it has changed his life.

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