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Hunter Doohan’s Movies and TV Shows, Plus Some Interesting Facts About Him

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Curiosity about Hunter Doohan’s movies and TV shows has increased since he played Tyler in the hit Netflix series “Wednesday.” 

Hunter Doohan in a suit
Hunter Doohan (Source: Pinterest)

The TV series became very popular after the first season aired, drawing attention to the cast, including Doohan, who has been acting since 2012.

Hunter Doohan’s Movies and TV Shows

Hunter Doohan started acting as a high school student. He tried out for a play in his sophomore year and got the role. He enjoyed it and spent the next three years in his school’s drama department. 

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His love for acting caused him to abandon his plan of going to college. He revealed in an interview:

“Initially, I was going to attend Oklahoma City University to pursue a BFA in theatre, but I instead took an internship with a casting director (Elizabeth Barnes) in Los Angeles.” 

After Doohan suspended his college plans, he focused on becoming an actor and landing his first acting gig. But the journey was not easy, as the actor had to pay his dues before getting his big break.

Doohan spent more than four years working day jobs while running a two-year acting program in Santa Monica. He also attended other acting classes to hone his skills and auditioned for parts. 

His part-acting gig is in “Lost Pursuit,’ where he played the role of Dreamer. But he did not become famous until his stellar performance as Tyler in “Wednesday.” The show has been renewed for a second season, so fans will see more of Tyler.

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Fans of the show enjoyed watching Doohan’s character, with many saying he went beyond expectations. Doohan is also linked to Showtime’s “Your Honor,” where he plays Adam Desiato, the son of Judge Michael Desiato (Bryan Cranston). In the drama’s first episode, his character struck Rocco Baxter (Benjamin Wadsworth) accidentally with his car. 

Rocco’s mafioso family immediately started trying to discover what caused their son’s death. To protect himself and Adam, Judge Michael Desiato creates a mystery fueled by lies that point to another character as the perpetrator. 

Ultimately, the lie cost Adam his life, so Doohan will not be appearing in the series’s second season. Beyond “Lost Pursuit,” “Wednesday” and “Your Honor,” Doohan has appeared in other roles in various movies, feature films, and TV series. 

In all, he has about 25 acting credits, some of which include: 

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  1. Westworld (2016 — 2022)
  2. Truth Be Told (2019 — 2023)
  3. What/If (2019) 
  4. Schooled (2019—2020) 
  5. Cagney and Lacey (2018 TV movie) 
  6. Coffee House Chronicles (2016)
  7. Ringing Rocks (2022)
  8. Where We Disappear (2019)

Interesting Facts About Hunter Doohan 

Doohan is currently more famous as an actor, but it is not the only hat he wears. He is also a director who made his debut in 2017 with a short film titled “Travel.” 

Hunter Doohan dressed as Tyler
Hunter Doohan as Tyler in Wednesday (Source: Pinterest)

In an interview, Doohan confessed that he started writing and directing because nobody gave him an opportunity. He did not make much from his shorts, but it gave him a platform to show off his capabilities. 

Aside from acting, directing, and writing, Doohan is also a skilled gymnast. He revealed his love for gymnastics with an Instagram video that captured him doing backflips. 

The actor is also famous for his work as an activist. He believes all humans have equal rights and has actively supported the LGBTQIA+ community for years. 

Doohan Has Openly Identified as a Gay

Doohan is gay and wears his sexuality with pride. He uses his platform to spread awareness of minority groups that need protection, including the LGBTQIA+ community. 

Hunter Doohan
Hunter Doohan in a suit (Source: Pinterest)

The actor once admitted that he knew he was attracted to men after his girlfriend introduced him to “Will & Grace” in high school. Doohan has found love as a homosexual and is happily married to Fielder Jewett, a film producer.

According to social media posts, the pair got engaged on December 31, 2020, and married two years later in 2022. Doohan continues to record success as an actor but balances his work life with his marriage and other responsibilities. 

As he becomes more famous, there is no doubt his platform will get bigger. As a result, his fans look forward to seeing him use his platform to fight for the causes he believes in and the LGBTQIA+ community

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