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How Many Children Does Richard Gere Have? Meet Them

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Richard Gere had an impressive run as a Hollywood legend, but his personal life is just as impressive, evidenced by his commitment to his children.

Since becoming a dad, Richard Gere has kept his family life and children out of the spotlight. Aside from a heated custody battle with his second wife Carey Lowell over their son’s custody following their divorce, the family has successfully stayed off the radar in the last decade.

He seems even more secretive in recent years, especially when it comes to his children with Alejandra Silva. The couple welcomed their latest in 2020, drawing attention to their brow-raising age difference.

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The new addition also left many curious about Richard Gere’s family, most especially, his relationship with his current wife, and kids.

Richard Gere | Image: Pinterest
Image: Pinterest

How Many Children Does Richard Gere Have?

Richard Gere has three adorable children, who are growing up away from the spotlights and are rarely seen. Being able to give his kids the privacy they required for a normal childhood is impressive, given Gere’s claim to fame as a veteran actor.

His efforts have so far proven successful. Notably, Richard Gere’s oldest kid, a son Homer Gere from his second wife is now 22 and forging his own path successfully with no showbiz-associated scandal plaguing him.

Same can be said of his younger half-brother Alexander Gere whose mom is Alejandra Gere. At three, his photos are rarely shared publicly, availing the youngster a chance at a normal childhood. Richard and Alejandra also share a third child, whose identity is just as vague.

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Richard Gere’s Oldest Child Homer James Jigme Gere

Gere became a first-time dad when he welcomed son Homer James Gere in 2000 with actress Carey Lowell. Two years after the baby’s birth, the couple tied the knot, giving their son the gift of a complete family.

However, things spiraled down the slope barely years later and their marriage ended in divorce. Their split resulted in a bitter battle over the custody of Homer, who Richard once described as the joy of his life.

The legal battle brewed on until the couple reached an agreement in 2016, the same year they finalized the divorce.

Despite his parents’ differences, Homer grew up to become a smart young man with ambitions. According to his LinkedIn profile, Richard Gere’s first son, now 22, is a student at Brown University.

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His dad once gushed about the young man and some of his attributes, likes, and dislikes. Per Richard, Homer is a smart kid, loves music, and is a very fast runner. He also has a natural sense of humor and understood the concept of irony as early as two-year-old.

Richard Gere, Carey Lowell and their son Homer | Image: Pinterest
Image: Pinterest

Alexander Gere

Two years after finalizing his divorce from Carey, Richard tied the knot with Spanish publicist Alejandra Silva. The duo, who dated for four years before then, welcomed their first child together, Alexander Gere, in 2019.

Navigating life as a father of two children, especially after a charged custody battle came easy to Richard Gere, who was a natural at fatherhood. He once said of his parenting journey:

“The marginal stuff just doesn’t affect you anymore when you weigh it against the real things in your life. All the clichés about parenthood are true.”

Now three, Alexander rarely makes public appearances alongside his parents, perhaps to protect him from the paps. Notwithstanding, parents find it hard to resist the urge to flaunt their beautiful kids on occasions.

In October 2020, Alejandra teased anticipating fans with a rare photo of her and Richard’s son on Instagram. Although his face was barely visible, having a glimpse of the youngster was enough to drive netizens wild with excitement.

Richard Gere spotted in vacation in Tuscany with son, Alexander, 2019 | Image: Pinterest
Image: Pinterest

Who Is Richard Gere And Alejandra Silva’s Second Child

In April 2020, Richard Gere shocked the world with the revelation that he added another baby to his brood of children. Sources confirmed the exciting news, despite the couple’s failure to share the new babe’s name or photos with the world.

Since then, questions like, “what is Richard Gere’s youngest son’s name” and “What are the names of Richard Gere’s children” have flooded search engines. Yet, the couple remains firm in their decision to keep the identity of their second son a secret.

Aside from his three kids, Richard is also a stepdad to Alejandra’s oldest child, Albert, from a previous marriage.

What Is Known About Richard Gere’s Marriages And The Mothers Of His Children?

The 72-year-old has been married three times in his lifetime. In 1991, he walked down the aisle for the first time with model Cindy Crawford. Their union ended in divorce barely four years later. They had no kids together.

Seven years after his first divorce, Richard Gere married his second wife Carey Lowell. Like Richard, Carey pursued an acting career and had record success. They welcomed only one child, Homer, before finalizing their divorce.

His third wife, Alejandra Silva came into his life after his marriage to Carey ended. Alejandra is a Spanish publicist, who is 33 years younger than the “Pretty Woman” actor.

Richard Gere and the mother of his two youngest children Alejandra Silva | Image: Pinterest
Image: Pinterest

Despite their age gap, the couple has proven their love and commitment to each other in the last four years.

Aside from his three wives, Richard has sustained relationships with famous names like Diana Ross and Padma Lakshmi. He has also been linked to Julia Roberts for most of his career thanks to their extraordinary romantic dynamics in movies like “Pretty Woman” and “Runaway Bride.”

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