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How A Shiloh Shepherd Saved her Owner’s Life In New Hamshire

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A dog in New Hamshire was crowned a hero after saving its owner and another commuter following a ghastly road accident.

One Shiloh shepherd’s intelligence and timely intervention led to the rescuing of two people who ended up trapped in a ditch following a car crash. One of the lucky survivors was the dog’s owner Cam Laundry.

In a Facebook post, the New Hamshire State Police recounted the heroic encounter, which took place at about 10 pm on January 3, 2022.

The canine, named Tinsley had been riding with the duo when the truck hit a guardrail and rolled down an embankment. It expelled its occupants in the process, leaving them severely injured and hypothermic.

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Tinsley, who managed to escape unscathed knew her owner needed help urgently. Hence, she took the reigns and journeyed down the Veterans Memorial Bridge which spans New Hamshire-Vermont Border on Interstate-89.

Tinsley and her owner Cam Laundry | Image: Pinterest
Tinsley and her owner Cam Laundry | Image: Pinterest

Other commuters noticed her. Thinking she was a stray, they called the New Hamshire State Police reporting a  loose dog on the highway.

Officers responded to the call and found Tinsley as described, looking skittish and scared. When they tried removing her from the highway and taking her to safety, she remained hesitant.

Instead, each time they tried getting close to her, she would run further down the road as if trying to get away. However, the officers, dispersed from the Lebanon Police Department, found it curious that she kept stopping and turning back to look at them.

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That’s when it hit them that the Shiloh shepherd was trying to pass a message across. They followed her until they reached a damaged guardrail on the bridge, where she abruptly stopped and looked downward.

Picture of the damaged truck | Image: Facebook/New Hamshire State Police
Picture of the damaged truck | Image: Facebook/New Hamshire State Police

When the Lebanon Police officers took a peep down the embankment, they noticed the wrecked truck. They also noticed the two seriously injured victims not far off.

The officers sprung into action immediately, calling for medical assistance. Officials from the fire department and, Hartford and Vermont police also assisted at the scene of the crash. The medical team soon conveyed the duo to an area hospital for treatment.

NHSP Lt. Dan Baldassare confirmed the two men survived the ordeal thanks to the dog’s timely intervention. He said:

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“This was almost like a real-life Lassie situation. It’s really quite remarkable. This dog definitely saved their lives. I don’t think they would have survived the night given the temperatures.”

Tinsley’s owner, Laundry also acknowledged the dog’s effort in saving him, referring to her as his guardian angel. To him, having the intelligence to do what she did, when she did was definitely a miracle.

Reache tteam’s at the scene | Image: Facebook/New Hamshire State Police

Since the story of Tinsley’s heroism went viral, thousands of people have commended her intelligence and bravery. Many have requested for the dog to receive a sort of medal in recognition of her brave act. One wrote:

“Such a smart dog. If it weren’t for the concern that this dog has for his human, they may have died in the cold. Tinsley deserves a medal.”

Other commenters commended the troopers’ efforts as well, including their willingness to rescue a supposed stray dog and ultimately, her owner. A comment read:

“Thank you for responding to the loose canine. And thank you for following him. Some towns will dismiss things like this. Your officers are amazing!”

While there is no telling if the brave pup would indeed get a medal, her owner certainly rewarded her great deed with a well-deserved treat, including her favorite venison and some back scratches.

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