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House Committee Subpoenas Key Biden Agency Over “Unconstitutional” Voter Registration in Swing State

Source: Foxnews/X
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Source: Foxnews/X

As the November elections draw nearer, President Joe Biden becomes increasingly under the microscopic gaze of Republicans. From criticizing his open border policies to condemning his abortion rights stance, conservatives and the Biden administration are constantly at odds.

More recently, Biden, who is preparing for a showdown with Donald Trump, the presumptive Republican nominee, has faced criticism. The President allegedly diverted resources to a key swing state to register voters. However, Republicans tagged the move “unconstitutional.”

As a result, the House Committee on Small Business subpoenaed the Small Business Administration on Tuesday, May 7, 2024, over the agency’s “lack of transparency.” According to reports, the subpoena came after SBA Chief of Staff  Arthur Plews and his special adviser Tyler Robinson did not honor the committee’s invitation. 

In March, the SBA announced a program with the Michigan Department of State to promote voter registration, among other things. However, the program, which was to last until 2036, has faced criticism. Republicans have accused the agency, under Biden, of registering illegal migrants as voters to help increase his chance of winning.

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Notably, Biden signed an executive order in 2021, which has faced pushback from Republican-led states. The order urged agencies to promote “access to voting.” This order sparked the collaboration between the SBA and Michigan and has raised concerns that Biden is using the agency to register illegal voters in a state that will determine the outcome of the upcoming elections.

However, the house noted that SBA’s leadership refused to address those concerns, which prompted the subpoena. “The fact we’re having to issue subpoenas to speak with SBA officials is disappointing,” the committee chairman Roger Williams said, per Fox News Digital.

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Furthermore, Williams noted that the agreement between the SBA and the department was “improper” and “unconstitutional.” It’s unclear if the allegations against the Biden administration hold water. However, Michigan, where Biden beat Trump by a narrow margin in 2020, is a must-win state for the President.

According to the House Small Business Committee’s findings, the voter registration events mostly occurred in areas with a large Democratic presence. The White House has yet to comment on the findings of the House Small Business Committee. However, it will not be the first time the Biden administration has faced allegations of illegally registering voters.

Due to the President’s inaction on the migrant crisis in the US, several Republican officials have accused him of enforcing the open-border policy to have illegal migrants vote. Republican-led states, including Mississippi, criticized Biden’s 2021 order to register voters to battle racism.

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The Biden administration also proposed plans to register voters in federal prisons to fight against discrimination. However, the effort elicited criticism from the Republican Secretary of State Michael Watson. Watson wrote a letter to the Department of Justice demanding they put an end to the scheme.

The Republican Secretary of State condemned the move, saying it was a shady effort by Biden to “weaponize” federal agencies. Notably, Biden’s reelection bid seems to be hanging by a thread. Americans, in polls, opined that the immigration crisis in the US was a major dealbreaker for them.

While Biden romanticizes illegal immigration, Trump, on the other hand, has promised to use military force against undocumented migrants.

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