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Here’s Everything You Need To Know About Jennifer Garner’s Boyfriend John Miller

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Although Jennifer Garner’s divorce surprised many, the superstar actress has since moved on with another boyfriend.

Jennifer Garner, one of Hollywood’s finest actresses, is famous for her character roles in “13 Going on 13” and “Elektra-” and has been a prolific figure in the entertainment industry since making her debut. However, besides her acting skills, Jennifer’s relationship with actor Ben Affleck made the duo into one of Hollywood’s power couples.

Jennifer Garner's Boyfriend
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However, their marriage ended suddenly in 2018 amidst a lot of emotional baggage for the duo. Although the news shocked many fans, Jennifer didn’t dwell on the heartbreak for long. Just days after finalizing her divorce from Ben, reports emerged that the actress had a new boyfriend. At the time a source told People that Jennifer and Ben’s relationship had ended long before they finalized their divorce.

“Although the divorce was just finalized, Jen has considered herself single for a long time. Dating is just a natural step,” Jen will always care about Ben and help him be the best dad. She was very ready to move on though. She looks pretty excited about the future and is in a great place, personally and professionally.”

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Soon after, many news blogs revealed John Miller as Jennifer’s new partner despite the duo’s efforts to keep their relationship private. Jennifer’s status as a movie star means every necessary information is public. In contrast, John is not as popular and fans have several questions about Jennifer Garner’s new man.

Who is Jennifer Garner’s Boyfriend John Miller?

Jennifer Garner's Boyfriend John Miller
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Successful American businessman John Miller is the current CEO of CaliBurger and its mother company, CaliGroup. The well-educated business-oriented man holds a Juris Degree from the University of California, Berkeley School of Law, and a Bachelor’s Degree from the University of Southern California.

A few years before taking the CEO role at CaliGroup, John Miller worked as an attorney for a while and then as an Executive at some Tech Companies. In addition, John Miller is a father of two from his previous marriage to Caroline Cambell, a fitness instructor. However, not much is known about the businessman’s previous marriage as he has successfully kept all information from the press. 

Meanwhile, Miller was still married to his ex-wife when he and Garner started dating. They finalized their divorce a month after Miller and Garner got sighted in public as a couple. Also, it’s rather daunting to figure out how and where Miller and Garner first met, but records show that the duo was first seen together sometime in October 2018.

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Since there’s little to no information about their romance and affairs, fans speculate that the pair are not in a bid for validation from the public and are happy to continue staying that way.

John and Jennifer Once Briefly Broke Up

Jennifer Garner's Boyfriend John Miller
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Like every other couple, John Miller and Jennifer Garner haven’t had it all smooth in their relationship. According to reports, the duo took briefly broke up during the early stages of their relationship. The couple’s separation happened in August 2020 due to Jennifer’s lack of commitment to the relationship. 

Since both parties are career-oriented, they couldn’t agree on some commitment terms. Jennifer wanted to focus more on her acting career and philanthropy work, while John focused on his business. However, John reportedly wanted more from the relationship.

In March 2021, Jennifer confirmed her single relationship status in an interview with PEOPLE. The actress spoke about feeling sturdy at home with her kids before speaking about if she would ever get married again. Jennifer explained

 “I definitely don’t think that I’ll be single forever. But this is not the time. I don’t need to complicate it; I’m good.”

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Jennifer and John Reunited Soon After

Jennifer Garner's Boyfriend
Image: Pinterest

Just months after speaking to People, Jennifer and John appeared together walking casually around New York. At the time reports suggested the couple was trying to get back together. In March 2022, Jennifer and John appeared together at the John F. Kennedy Airport just after the actress celebrated the premiere of her movie “The Adam Project.” 

In photos obtained by E! News, the pair arrived together and were likely heading back to the West Coast. According to witnesses, they walked close together at the airport but did not engage in any PDA. Still just months after their New York sighting, Jennifer and John were seen together in Los Angeles. Due to their outfit- Jennifer wore a black athleisure outfit and carried a water bottle while Miller donned a gray T-shirt, reports deduced the two just left a workout session.

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