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“He Wasn’t Supposed to Be Home,” Friends of Man Killed By Gunman Dressed as UPS Worker Say

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Jorge Reyes-Jungwirth, the 20-year-old Minnesotan who was shot dead, wasn’t supposed to be at home, his friends told the press. Jorge worked long shifts at a tree removal company and would have escaped death if he had been at work. 

Jorge lost his life to gunshot wounds from an attacker who dressed as a UPS worker in pretty unfortunate circumstances. Friends say he had a kind and caring personality and was only at home due to an unusual day off. 

Jorge lived with his mother, Shannon Patricia Jungwirth, and his stepfather, Mario Alberto Trejo Estrada, in the Cool Rapids area of Minnesota. 

The trio lost their lives in the incident that left their neighborhood in tremendous shock. Just after noon on the fateful Friday, the assailant drove to the residence of the deceased and approached the front door. He somehow managed to gain entrance into the home.

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Security footage and audio from inside and outside Jorge’s home captured the incident. CCTV also showed the suspect demanding money from Trejo Estrada and Jorge at gunpoint. 

According to reports, the footage then showed the suspect, identified as 37-year-old Alonzo Mingo, firing at the deceased. Mingo shot Jorge’s mum in her bedroom at point-blank range. With her in the room were two kids less than five years of age who friends say are Jorge’s siblings. They both came out of the incident unhurt. 

Police have charged Mingo with three counts of second-degree murder. Police are yet to ascertain the motive for the killings. 

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However, some clues surfaced some days after the incident when police searched a storage unit where Trejo Estrada operated. Police found marijuana, meth, psilocybin mushrooms, and an unknown white powder in the facility. 

Police believe that Trejo Estrada was a cocaine, fentanyl, and methamphetamine trafficker. A police document also stated that he routinely sent large amounts of money to Mexico. 

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“Jorges wasn’t supposed to be home on Friday afternoons, says Isaiah Mendez, his friend since sixth grade. Mendez also worked for the same company as Jorges. 

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According to Mendez, Jorges received a message from one of his bosses on Thursday telling him to take the next day off. “He had texted Jorges on Thursday, telling him that Friday was slow,” Mendez told reporters. “He definitely blames himself a little bit for what happened, but we all know that’s not how it is.” 

Testimony from friends talked about Jorge’s dedication to his family. They testified that he was always there for his mum and family in times of need. They mentioned anime, playing sports, video games, and spending time with his puppy as his favorite activities. 

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Will Gydesen, Jorges’s friend from high school, played video games with Jorges on Thursday night, the day before his death. He recalled Jorges’s excitement about his day off. 

“He was telling us how happy he was he didn’t have to work on Friday,” said Gydesen. “…then the next couple of days, we weren’t hearing from him at all and we started to get a little suspicious.” 

Jorges’s friends believe that he had nothing to do with selling drugs. Even as they gathered for a candlelight vigil on the Monday after his death, they felt like a huge part of them was missing. Jorges is irreplaceable. 

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