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‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Star Sara Ramirez Came out as Non-binary and Here Is All There Is to Know about Them

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Sara Ramirez is determined to show the world they could be everything they ever wanted. Coming out as gender non-binary is the star’s latest addition to their growing profile, which already includes on-screen doctor, bisexual, and a happy wife.

While Sara Ramirez is a doctor onscreen, off the screen, they are bisexual, a happy wife, and a self-proclaimed non-binary.

Remarkably, the actor’s role as Doctor Callie Torres on “Grey’s Anatomy” informed some of their life choices, evident in the similarities between both personalities. So what else is known about this newest addition to the stream of gender non-binary celebrities?

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Sara Ramirez joined the cast of the ABC medical series in 2006 as Dr Callie Torres. They remained on the show for ten years before their exit in 2016.

Dr Torres, Ramirez’s character on “Grey’s Anatomy” disclosed she was bisexual during a 2009 episode of the drama series. Her move represented one of the earliest on-screen bisexual representations. It has since paved the way for more groundbreaking sexual diversities onscreen.

Sara Ramirez as Dr. Torres on "Grey's Anatomy"| Image: Pinterest
Image: Pinterest


In 2016, years after Dr Torres came out as bisexual on the medical drama, Ramirez took the initiative. They resolved to spill some of their truths as well. After taking a deep dive into the continued violence faced by the LGBTQ community, the star knew someone needed to take a stand.

Hence, their courage and determination to come out with their bisexual status overwhelmed them. First, they revealed their intentions to their close pals during a movie night before eventually going public. Notably, the icon also identifies as queer.

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In 2020, the star made another groundbreaking revelation when they disclosed their intentions to identify as gender non-binary. Taking to Instagram, Sara Ramirez announced they would thereon identify with the pronouns they/them and she/her.

The entertainment icon also disclosed on their post that they had the capacity to become whatever they wanted, be it a girlish boy or a boyish girl. They accompanied the empowering caption with the hashtag non-binary, further reiterating their stance.


Ramirez has been open about their decision to come out, which, was admittedly a way of using their voice. During an interview with People shortly after publicly identifying as bisexual, the star admitted they always feared coming out publicly, least it affected their career.

However, after learning about the 2016 Orlando Shooting at Pulse nightclub, which claimed the lives of several members of the LGBTQ community, they resolved to speak out. They explained:

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“An incremental urgency to use my platform to empower those who are part of these communities that I’m a part of came over me in a way that I’ve never felt before.”

They also pointed out that coming out gave them a sense of relief, as they no longer needed to hide or hold back any of their identities.


Amid growing excitement over the return of the favorite onscreen girl pal group to television, Sara Ramirez gave fans a shocker. HBO Max announced in May 2021 that “The Madame Secretary” alum would star in the upcoming “Sex And The City” spinoff titled “And Just Like That.”

They would play Che Diaz, a stand-up comedian and podcast host who appears as a series regular. Notably, the character, like their “Grey’s Anatomy” character, has several real-life similarities to Ramirez.

For one, Diaz identifies as queer and non-binary. The show described the character as a big presence with a big heart and an outrageous sense of humor. They are also popular in their own right thanks to those attributes, and their progressive human overview of gender roles.


In real life, Sara Ramirez is married to husband Ryan DeBolt. The two tied the knot in an intimate beachside ceremony in 2012 and have since enjoyed marital bliss.

Sara Ramirez and Ryan DeBolt | Image: Pinterest
Image: Pinterest

The 40-year-old was born in Mexico and had both Mexican and Irish backgrounds. He is also a reputable businessman.

Before his marriage to Ramirez, the duo dated for several years. Not even the public disclosure of the actor’s gay status could ruin their relationship as Sarah Ramirez and Ryan Debolt are going strong to date.

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