Wednesday, July 10, 2024
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GloRilla Links Up With President Biden at the White House!

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GloRilla caused a frenzy with her surprise visit to the White House, rubbing shoulders with President Joe Biden himself! The exclusive footage, obtained by The Shade Room, showed the electrifying moment as Glo stole the spotlight at a Women’s History Month celebration. 

Source: Pinterest

Yeah, Joe!” she said, exciting President Biden with her trademark energy. With her latest hit single, “Yeah Glo!” echoing through social media, fans couldn’t help but join in with her catchy catchphrase. Whether or not Biden was fully tuned in remained a mystery. “Yeah, well, not Joe. Yeah, you!” Biden responded, acknowledging GloRilla’s presence with a playful point of view. 

But GloRilla was about to give credit where it was due before the moment passed. “Yeah, but you’re the president, so we gon say,  ‘Yeah, Joe!’” she insisted, laughing. GloRilla made it clear: Biden deserved his moment in the spotlight, too.

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Social Media Buzz

GloRilla and President Biden’s link-up broke the internet with many fans in The Shade Room’s comment section. @ciaraxshante wrote, “He practiced ‘yeah glo’ not ‘Joe.’ You’re confusing him.” Meanwhile, Instagram user @cleopatraaaaaaaaa added, “I love this for the culture. Go Girl.”

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Source: @glorillapimp/ Instagram

Additionally, Instagram user @courtney_courtneyyyy wrote, “If ‘HUMBLE’ was a person … Big Glo kickin’ it at the White House with Money Bag Jo!!!” @poochiebadd30 also shared heartfelt sentiments: “I love it! A black girl from the hood meeting the president of the United States isn’t a small thing.”

Instagram user @vibewithjosh pitched in with a catchy idea: “That would be a campaign song tho ‘Yeah Joe.” Moreover, Instagram user @workwithkassy celebrated the instant connection, “Lmaooo, I love that he immediately knew the lyrics were supposed to be for her. This is ICONIC”

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GloRilla Makes Waves Beyond the White House

Adding to her streak of show-stopping appearances, GloRilla turned heads at a February Milwaukee Bucks NBA game. There, she effortlessly mingled with one of the team’s star players, Damian Lillard.

Taking her bold moves to X (formerly Twitter), GloRilla didn’t hesitate to shoot her shot at the basketball sensation. The rapper made headlines once more, stunning fans by publicly flirting with Lillard, who is going through a divorce. 

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When the sparks flew between GloRilla and Damian Lillard, Instagram user @aliciano_keys didn’t hold back in the outlet’s comment section: “His wife looks like she hit hard AF, Glo. Chill!” While Kay’la Lillard kept mum on GloRilla’s advances towards her estranged husband, Damian finally broke his silence earlier this month, sharing his reaction to the unexpected attention.

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GloRilla’s 2024 Journey

GloRilla’s journey in 2024 is already blazing with highlights. With her debut album on the horizon, the infectious anthem “Yeah Glo!” is steadily topping the charts, hinting at a potential reign over the spring and summer months.

In an interview with GQ last year, she revealed her fearless approach to creativity. “I’m always open to trying new sh*t. You got to step out of your comfort zone. If you’re comfortable, you’re never going to grow,” she said. 

Source: Pinterest

She continued, “I’m going to try everything. If it works, it works. If it don’t, it don’t. But at least I tried it, you know? I can’t dance, but I’m going to try to dance, give them a show, try to put different emotions into it.”

With a mindset focused on exploration, GloRilla added, “I don’t feel like I have to, but I want to. I want to explore different sh*t like, okay, maybe I might start liking it. Maybe this is what I needed, or maybe this is what I’m missing, so I’m just open to everything.” 

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A Geeked-Out Excitement 

When Laura Coates asked about her experience meeting Democratic Party leaders at the White House, GloRilla couldn’t contain her excitement. She said, “It was so cool, and I was so geeked. Everybody doesn’t get to meet the President and the Vice President. 

Source: @glorillapimp/ Instagram

She continued, “Just being able to be in the White House, like I’ve never been, in a million years, I would have thought I would be in the White House. And I got to meet the President and vice president. Oh, they can’t mess with me.”

Coates then shared a message from GloRilla’s mother, who spoke about their humble beginnings in Memphis and now witnessing her daughter’s rise as one of rap music’s biggest stars. GloRilla shared how her mother’s words made her feel.

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