Saturday, June 22, 2024
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This US City Pays Migrants $15,000 to Move There 

This US City Pays Migrants $15,000 to Move There 

This US City Pays Migrants $15,000 to Move There 

Source: Quora

While numerous American cities are grumbling over the massive influx of migrants, the city of Topeka, Kansas, is doing the opposite. Topeka isn’t just willing to welcome migrants; it will pay them to live in the city. 

Here, we unveil the reasons for the shocking move, which the city’s mayor is pretty confident will benefit his constituents.

From New York City to Topeka

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This move is coming just a few weeks after a plan by New York City Mayor Eric Adams to spend $53 million on migrants drew public backlash. The plan attracted criticism from elites such as rapper and producer 50 Cent. 

It seems like Topeka has been handed the baton. But how serious is the city about the plan? And are they ready for the possible backlash?

Is Topeka Really Going to Pay Migrants?

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Yes. Topeka is pretty serious about paying migrants. Interestingly, this plan isn’t a recent one. It’s been a long time coming. As far back as 2019, the city kick-started a program called “Choose Topeka.” 

The program specifies that anyone who moves to the city from beyond the borders of Shawnee County, where the city is located, qualifies to receive up to $15000.

What's the Reason for the Program?

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Reports show that the city of Topeka is in great need of workers. Findings show that the city needs people to fill up at least 7,000 open jobs. The city is relying on migrants to occupy these positions. 

Already, Topeka’s population comprises a significant Latino population. This means that migrants considering moving to Topeka won’t have a tough time settling in.

Who Will Fund the Program? 

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Topeka has put a system in place to take care of the funding. Migrants who will benefit from the program must be gainfully employed soon after entering the city. 

According to the program’s guidelines, the migrant’s employer will foot half of the bills while the government will take care of the other half at taxpayers’ expense.

Topeka Wants to Set an Example

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With migrants swarming many cities in the United States, to the chagrin of residents, there have been loud calls for the government to contain the influx and spread of these mostly unwelcome visitors. 

Even cities in blue states that have previously encouraged migrants to visit have made shocking U-turns. But Topeka wants to maintain its conviction and remain accommodating.

The Migrant Crisis is at Its Worst Ever

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Truly, there is a migrant crisis in the United States. President Joe Biden’s lax border policies have been at the receiving end of the blame. Now, the challenge is at its worst-ever state in 20 years. 

Over 225,000 migrants gained entry into the United States in December 2023. Apparently, this looks like the worst of times for any city to welcome and even pay migrants to come in. Many people believe that Topeka is taking a risk.

Other Mayors Are Calling for Help

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Reflecting the magnitude of the problem, other mayors have called for assistance after their cities have been overwhelmed by migrants. Cities like Chicago and New York have had their budgets overstretched by the presence of the new entrants. 

Chicago Mayor Brandon Johnson has told journalists that he fears for the local economy’s health if help doesn’t arrive soon.

An "International Crisis"

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While calling the situation an “international crisis,” Johnson noted that local economies are bearing burdens too big for them. He wondered why the United States was sending aid to Ukraine when there was an equally pressing need within her borders. 

“Why aren’t those same support services being provided for individuals who are coming from the continent of Africa and Central and South America?” he queried.

Denver and New York Mayors Join the Chorus

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Other mayors have spoken up about their ordeal with funding the migrant crisis. The Mayor of New York City, Eric Adams, said his city has taken in 161,000 migrants whose welfare will gulp about $12 billion in the next 3 years. 

Denver Mayor Mike Johnston says the city will spend about 10% of her annual budget on only migrant shelters and aid supplies. These leaders are apparently fed up with the additional expense.

More Democrat Than Republican Cities Are Feeling the Heat and Crying Out

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More Democrat than Republican cities are crying out over the strain on their resources. One wouldn’t expect blue territories to speak against their own policies, but these cities have been feeling the heat for some time now. 

The reason? Texas, which is a border state and port of entry for most of the migrants, is spreading the heat by bussing immigrants to these cities.

Topeka Has Chosen to Stay in the Middle

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Amidst the battle between Republicans and Democrats over border and immigration policies, Topeka has managed to find a middle ground. The Republican-dominated city has a Democrat mayor and, therefore, is more inclined to pacify both sides of the argument. 

Its Mexican-American Mayor, Michael Padilla, is confident that the “Choose Topeka” program will bring just enough migrants to fill the spaces in the job market and not require the city to splash huge taxpayer funds on shelters.