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Gabrielle Union Stuns as She Shows Some Skin in a Lovely Black Ensemble

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American actress Gabrielle Union is every definition of glamorous as she showed off her flawless skin in new Instagram pics.

Via Instagram, Hollywood icon Gabrielle Union shared a series of photos showing off her stunning looks in a sheer outfit. The 47-year-old appeared glamorous and ageless in the all-black ensemble, giving her a youthful appeal.

In the first shot, Union stood in a model-like fashion, with both hands on her hips and one leg crossed in front of the other. Another photo showed the mother-of-one staring into the distance, with her arms angled against her hips and shoulders.

A third picture gave a more formal appeal, with Gabrielle Union seated cross-legged on a black PVC couch. Her caption on the revealing post read:

“Mornings with @miumiu #miumiuss21.”

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Fans of the “Bring It On” actress could not have enough of her, as they took to the comment section to commend Union’s beauty and youthful aura.

At forty-seven, the star still retains the same youthful appearance she captured the world with over two decades ago when she starred in the cult classic, “Bring It On.”

Her workout regimen and her ability to “say no” sometimes served as her anti-aging elixirs.

Appearing not to have aged a day has led many to speculate that she acquired her youthful charms surgically. However, the icon has publicly debunked such claims, stating that her workout regimen and her ability to “say no” sometimes served as her anti-aging elixirs through the years.

Additionally, avoiding alcohol, smoking, and “the hard life” has helped a lot. Despite her anti-aging practices and ageless looks, she was not so lucky escaping the other effects of aging. She revealed:

“As I’ve aged, everything on my body hurts! My hips, back, shoulders. Lots of aches and pains. I dye my hair, and people say, ‘You look young,’”

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This is not the first time Gabrielle Union would come out plain about aging despite what everyone else saw on the outside.

In fact, the actress has chosen to embrace whatever the natural aging process threw at her and become comfortable in her own skin. Last year, Union showed her commitment to embracing her natural endowments when she posed make-up free for a photo shoot with People.

Following the shoot, the star gushed about how she has made peace with her looks compared to a decade ago when she did her first make-up free pose.

As a mother, a wife, and a successful career woman, the natural aging process has undoubtedly favored the beautiful star even at 47.

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