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Florida Non-binary Teacher Fired Over Gender-Neutral Title

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A non-binary teacher at the Florida Virtual School (FLVS) faced a career-altering dispute over using the gender-neutral title “Mx.”

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AV Vary is a teacher with a career spanning 15 years across Maryland and Orlando. For years, Vary has demonstrated a profound dedication to the educational field, and their journey is an example of a passionate educator’s impact on young minds.

With their experience, Vary’s commitment to education led them to FLVS, where they engaged with a diverse student body. However, the incident with the title of their name caused a significant bump in their career. It also raised questions about identity, legal constraints, and educational ethics. 

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Florida statutes, particularly section 1000.071(3), played a role in shaping this conflict. The issue arose when FLVS insisted on adherence to Florida’s laws regarding personal titles and pronouns in public education. Vary’s use of “Mx.” clashed with the institution’s policy, leading to their dismissal. 

In addition, the legal landscape in Florida, including the controversial “Don’t Say Gay” law, made Vary’s situation more complex. So, Vary’s fight extends beyond a personal battle, reflecting a broader mission to promote respect and compassion. 

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However, the school was adamant in its stance. They maintained that they were following state guidelines, emphasizing biological sex in public K-12 institutions.

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To reach a mutual agreement, Vary offered the school alternative titles like “professor” and “coach.” Again, FLVS rejected these suggestions. Therefore, this showed the intricate dynamics between individual identity and institutional policy. Vary’s adoption of “Mx.” also symbolized allyship in a climate of anti-LGBTQ legislation in Florida.

This incident also had implications for student-teacher relationships, affecting their identity. Finally, the school decided to terminate Vary’s contract since they couldn’t reach an agreement. With the national teacher shortage crisis, especially in science class, their termination raised many concerns. 

Furthermore, their tense departure from the school shows institutions’ challenges in balancing state laws and constitutional rights. Because of this, Vary filed a complaint with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. So, they are seeking to challenge their termination and take legal steps to do so. 

They also expressed a broader ambition to promote respect and compassion nationwide. They said, “Yeah, this is a fight for my rights. But this is also a fight for the kindness, compassion, and respect for every individual in the country.” Vary talked about the strength found in collective action and building a community for justice.

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The public reactions to Vary’s situation revealed many types of opinions. Some advocate for employer rules and others criticize perceived rigidity in the system. In addition, the incident prompted a broader dialogue about respect, inclusivity, and the transformative power of education in society.

As the story unfolds, AV Vary’s story challenges us to consider the complex interplay of personal identity, legal frameworks, and the educational environment. This includes creating a safe space for students battling with their identities as well. 

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