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Five Most-Asked Questions About ‘Party All the Time’ by Eddie Murphy

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“Party All The Time,” remains one of the most successful tracks released by Eddie Murphy during his short-lived music career.

Entertainment icon Eddie Murphy enjoyed a music career in the eighties while pursuing stand-up comedy and acting. At the time, the star released a series of tracks that attracted met with mixed reactions as many deemed him not a true musician.

Despite the hurdles, some of his songs performed well, making his music career look promising. Among the most-successful songs Eddie Murphy released was the 80s dance track “Party All The Time.”

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The song, which was the lead single from his sophomore album, “Could It Be,” became a top-ten hit, with inputs from Rick James and Kevin Johnston. Yet, the world didn’t seem ready for Murphy’s jam at the time despite it peaking at no.2 on Billboard Hot 100.

Eddie Murphy leading an orchestra | Image: Pinterest
Image: Pinterest

Since his music career did not exactly pan out as anticipated, the star soon abandoned the path to focus on acting and comedy. Several decades later, Murphy’s singing endeavors resurfaced, creating a ruckus among millennials on social media.

The hit “Party All the Time,” especially made the rounds, skyrocketing to the top of the iTunes chart in 2021. While appearing on “The View,” the star addressed the 90s hit and its newfound success, saying it was a good song.

Ultimately, the resurfacing has spawned curiosity around “Party All the Time,” as many try to discover more about the track and Eddie Murphy’s short-lived music career. Here we address five of the most-asked questions about Eddie Murphy’s “Party All The Time.”

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1.  Did Eddie Murphy Really Sing Party All The Time

Eddie Murphy is credited as the crooner of the song “Party All The Time,” released in 1985. The single was produced by Rick James and recorded in his home studio in Buffalo, New York. 

In the track, Murphy sang about a love interest who spent nights partying with other guys without a care for his feelings despite doing sweet things like putting diamonds on her fingers and sending her roses to keep her happy.

While Eddie Murphy crooned most of the verses, Rick James made an input by joining in during the finishing verse.

2. Who Wrote Party All The Time?

“Party All The Time” was written and produced by late American singer-songwriter and record producer Rick James. The music legend geared off his career in his teenage years and managed to gain recognition before his 2004 demise.

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His other notable works in music include “Give It To Me Baby,” and “Super Freak,” from his hit album, “Street Songs,” which achieved a record success.

Iranian DJ and producer Sharam Tayebi composed and released his own rendition of “Party All The Time,” (P.A.T.T) in 2006. The song reached no. 8 in the United Kingdom. Over the years, other versions of the track have surfaced, including “Party All The Time,” by Children of Bodom in 2011 and another by Glee Cast in 2014.

Eddie Murphy sins into a microphone | Image: Pinterest
Image: Pinterest

3. Was Charlie Murphy In Party All The Time Video?

Eddie Murphy’s brother Charlie Murphy also attained success in his own rights as a comedian and actor. Before his demise in 2017, he was best known as a writer and cast member of “Chappelle’s Show,” and the sitcom, “Black Jesus.”

He also appeared alongside his brother in some of his works, including “Harlem Nights,” which Eddie Murphy directed, produced, starred in, and co-wrote.

Notably, Charlie also accompanied his brother to Buffalo, New York, and was among the crew members present during the making of the song.

Eddie Murphy Brother Charlie Murphy | Image: Pinterest
Image: Pinterest

4. Why Did Eddie Murphy Sing Party All The Time?

Eddie Murphy ventured into music in the eighties as a means of exploring his passion for music while continuing his acting and comedy pursuits. While he indeed found success in film and comedy, the star always craved a return to his musical roots.

The opportunity eventually presented itself in the guise of a bet. Reports Show that the then-24-year-old Murphy struck a $1 million bet with fellow comedian Richard Pryor.

Pryor reportedly insisted Murphy could not sing and would fail if he tried to. He then challenged the actor to prove himself with $1 million at stake. Murphy took on the challenge, even including a message to Pryor in the liner notes of the song’s parent album, “How Could It Be,” which read:

“To Richard Pryor, my idol, with whom I have a $1,000,000 bet. No, motherf**ker, I didn’t forget.”

Seeing as the album became a hit and even ranks among the most iconic one-hit wonders of all time to date, it appears Murphy won that bet after all, at least while his music success lasted.

5. What Movie Featured Party All the Time Track?

“Party All The Time” was featured on the soundtrack of the series, “The Family Guy” season 16, Episode 8, titled “Crimes and Meg’s Demeanor.”

Family guy poster | Image: Pinterest
Image: Pinterest

The track sounded in the background during the montage of Meg and Peter downing drink after drink in the 2017 episode. Movies like “After the Sunset,” “Three Kings,” and “Grand Theft Auto V” (VG) also utilized the infamous soundtrack.

Today, the song has seen more success than it did in the eighties, with several revivals and adaptations. Aside from making it into movies, it has slowly made its way into the hearts of millennials, ranking as one of the most viewed songs on streaming platforms. Yet, Eddie Murphy’s acting career has somehow managed to outshine his other pursuits, casting his promising musical dreams deep into the shadows.

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