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A Complete List of Everyone Lindsay Lohan Has Dated: From Aaron Carter to Bader Shammas

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Before her relationship with Bader Shammas came to light, Lindsay Lohan had dated a handful of people, some of whom came close to walking her to the altar. One was a woman!

Lindsay Lohan rose to global stardom following her role in the nineties movie, “Parents Trap,” where she played the twins separated at infancy. Her career took off from thereon, plunging the then-10-year-old into a level of stardom she was unprepared for.

Her personal life became a hot topic for the media, from her family crisis to her personal struggles with addiction. Even her romantic life was not left out, as all her flings and other love entanglements made it to the headlines right from her teenage years.

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Lindsay Lohan's dating history | Image: Pinterest
Image: Pinterest

When the media coverage became too intense to bear, Lohan finally said goodbye to it all, retiring to the Arab Emirates. There she met her latest beau, Bader Shammas.

In honor of the actress’ engagement and grand comeback following a tumultuous life journey, here is a glimpse into Lindsay Lohan’s relationship history and everyone she’s dated past and present.

1. Aaron Carter

As a rising star with several hits in her name, Lindsay Lohan soon found herself as the center of several rumors, including an alleged relationship with fellow teen star Aaron Carter.

While those rumors began to swirl in 2003, they only admitted to having a thing in 2005. Carter did the confirmation during an interview, explaining he left his ex-girlfriend, Hillary Duff, for Lohan because he got “a little bored.”

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Turned out he soon got bored of the reality star as well, as things fizzled out between them in no time.

Lindsay Lohan and Aaron Carter | Image: Pinterest
Image: Pinterest

2. Wilmer Valderrama

Back in her teens, Lindsay Lohan began a high-profile relationship with actor Wilmer Valderrama which caught public eyes despite their attempt to keep it under wraps. 

Their 2004 romance made headlines for months, with the duo granting several interviews to share tidbits into their romance. At the time, the actress and singer described Valderrama as a great guy, and the best any girl could wish for.

The duo broke up that November and moved on to new love interests. Today, like Lindsay Lohan, Valderrama is happily engaged to fiance Amana Pacheco with whom he shares a daughter.

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Wilder Valderrama | Image: Pinterest
Image: Pinterest

3. Harry Morton

In 2006, Lindsay Lohan’s relationship with restaurateur Harry Morton went public shortly after her 20th birthday. Sources revealed the duo met at the birthday bash in July. They hit it off and their relationship progressed thereafter.

The two broke up in September, barely weeks after kicking off their relationship. A source confirmed the split at the time, attributing it to Morton’s inability to keep putting up with Lohan’s “too much drama.”

Their differences also contributed to the split, as the actress had a flair for partying, drinking, and drug use at that stage of her life, while Morton was sober. Notwithstanding, they upheld their friendship after the split.

Following Morton’s death in 2019, the “Freaky Friday” star paid him tribute on Instagram, referring to him as her “best friend, best life.”

Harry Morton and Lindsay Lohan | Image: Pinterest
Image: Pinterest

4. Heath Ledger

Lindsay Lohan found herself linked to actor Heath Ledger following his death in January 2008. Several reports claimed the 35-year-old and the late star had a secret romance.

Leaked pages from a diary allegedly belonging to Lohan further fueled those rumors. An entry from the diary, which read “Today Hath died. I’m in love with him. He was the love of my life,” published by Str Magazine, seemingly confirmed the speculations. However, Lohan never addressed the rumors. 

Heath Ledger | Image: Pinterest
Image: Pinterest

5. Samantha Ronson

Lindsay Lohan shocked the world when she came out as bisexual with her relationship with Engish DJ Samantha Ronson. Their romance lasted on and off for months before they finally called it quits for good in 2009.

Lohan opened up about the negative reception she faced after going public with her relationship with Ronson, as being bisexual did not conform to the image the world had of her as a former child star.

Being one of the first young entertainers to come out publicly also contributed to people’s poor reaction. Lohan and Ronson have since found a good place as friends since their split.

Samantha Ronson and Lindsay Lohan | Image: Pinterest
Image: Pinterest

6. Matt Nordgren

In 2013, the “Mean Girls” star had a fling with NFL player Matt Nordgren. However, their short-lived relationship ended after only a week. A source confirmed the breakup at the time, saying their hectic work schedules made dating impossible for them.

Lindsay Lohan and Matt Nordgren | Image: Pinterest
Image: Pinterest

7. Nico Tortorella

Actor Nico Tortorella surprisingly made the list of Lindsay Lohan’s past relationships thanks to their fling in 2013. In fact, the two sparked engagement rumors after the actress shared an Instagram photo of Tortorella popping down on one knee right in front of her.

She revealed in her caption that it was her first proposal, attracting bouts of congratulations. However, the couple seemed to fall out before they made it to the altar.

Little about the relationship is known to the public. But Tortorella, now married to Bethany Meyers once admitted he and Lohan had a history together and “kind of dated” at some point.

Nico Tortorella and Lindsay Lohan | Image: Pinterest
Image: Pinterest

8. Egor Tarabasov

Lohan began her highly-publicized romance with American-based Russian businessman Egor Tarabasov in 2015 and the pair soon announced their engagement that September. However, things went downhill after photos of the duo grappling over a mobile phone on a beach surfaced.

The pair soon went their separate ways for good, but not without some heated drama. Shortly after their breakup, Lohan admitted in an interview that her romance with Tarabasov was far from perfect.

The actress even claimed she purchased her own engagement ring before he proposed. She also accused her Russian beau of domestic violence, saying he repeatedly beat her up, forcing her to cover up the bruises.

The businessman denied the claims, describing them as harmful and hurtful. He faces no charges for his alleged “abuse.”

Egor Tarabasov and Lindsay Lohan | Image: Pinterest
Image: Pinterest

9. Mohammed bin Salman

Lindsay Lohan’s dating history had another inclusion in 2019 when she became linked to Saudi crown prince Mohammed bin Salman. Several sources reported the prince kept showering her with expensive gifts including a credit card.

They also spent lots of time together talking and texting, further raising brows. However, the actress denied the dating speculations, saying they were only platonic friends. Her dad, Michael Lohan also buttressed her claims, noting that the friends only stayed in touch because of their mutual interests in helping refugees in the Middle East.

Lindsay Lohan and Mohammed bin Salman | Image: Pinterest
Image: Pinterest

10. Bader Shammas

February 2020 ushered in a new dawn in the actress’ romantic life after she shared a group photo from a music festival. Via caption, she explained how she had a wonderful night with her sister and her boyfriend, both featuring in the now-deleted pic.

That immediately sparked romance speculations as people began digging out the identity of the mysterious man, Bader Shammas. They did not have much luck until November 2021, when the actress announced their engagement, along with photos of them together.

Sources revealed at the time that the pair had been together for three years and loved each other completely. Lohan’s family have also accepted Shammas, evident in their social media posts in celebration of the soon-to-be weds.

Her engagement to Shammas was one of several exciting highlights of Lindsay Lohan’s life including her return to Hollywood with a long-anticipated Netflix movie, rekindling her music pursuits, and breaking big with her Super Bowl commercial for Planet Fitness in February 2002.

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