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Ernest Khalimov: Is GigaChad Still Alive? 

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Ernest Khalimov, the man behind the GigaChad meme, is a Russian bodybuilder and model. Here’s everything we know about his life to date. 

At first sight, Ernest Khalimov looks too structured to be real. This is because the Russian native has spent most of his life building his body and perfecting his appearance. 

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Who Is Ernest Khalimov?

Ernest Khalimov is a world-famous Russian wellness model, bodybuilder, weight lifter, wellness mentor, Internet personality, and businessman. A man of numerous talents, Khalimov found fame due to his unbelievable physical build and appearance. He was born in Moscow, Russia, on March 1, 1969, to his father, a doctor, and his mother, a nurse. 

Ernest Khalimov
Ernest Khalimov (Source: Instagram/Polished_)

Khalimov comes from a family of six, with two younger and one older sister. As the only male child, Khalimov took up an interest in modeling at an early age and was encouraged and supported by all his family members. 

The model stands impressively at six feet eight inches tall, which has been referred to as one of the reasons why he chose to go into modeling.  

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Ernest Khalimov’s Career

He began his modeling career at 18 but only found international success after some time. Instead, his popularity grew in 2017 after featuring as a model in the Sleek’N’Tears art project created by the Russian photographer Krista Sudmalis. 

The Sleek’N’Tears art project focused mainly on iconic male beauty and involved five models seen as epitomes of male perfection. One of the male models was Khalimov, and after his pictures were posted, he quickly went viral for his perfect looks. 

Ernest Khalimov
Ernest Khalimov (Source: Instagram/Polished_)

Many have mentioned that they do not believe Khalimov is real, thanks to his unbelievably precise and structured looks. Apart from his remarkable height, the model has a perfectly chiseled jawline; the type one imagines is only written about in fictional books.

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Due to his bodybuilding and wellness side, he also has a very muscular body, which shows all the hallmarks of masculine perfection. Since Khalimov blew up, he has bagged several modeling gigs with some of the well-known fashion houses in the world.

A few worthy of mention are Dior, Armani, and Calvin Klein. His pictures have graced the covers of numerous magazines, and his work has appeared in many others, including Elle, GQ, and Vogue. 

Ernest Khalimov
Russian Wellness model, Bodybuilder, and Internet Personality Ernest Khalimov. (Source: Instagram/Polished_)

Ernest Khalimov’s Age

It might be a bit of a shock that the Russian model is not in his younger years. He was born in 1969 and is currently 54 years old! Khalimov does not look like he’s in his fifties, and fans still find it hard to believe. His youthful look can be attributed to his fitness regimen and healthy diet. He constantly exercises and keeps his body toned for modeling and fitness gigs. 

Is Ernest Khalimov Still Alive?

Yes, Khalimov is alive. Rumors of his death circulated in 2021 when several social media users claimed he was in an accident. Some said the accident was in the gym.

Due to false posts spreading rapidly, many prayer and tribute posts were up for the model in no time, further causing worry and panic among his fans. A couple of days later, the bodybuilder came out to publicly debunk the rumors in an Instagram post.

Although he is not very active on his Instagram page, he wrote: 

“Hello, I have read all the comments and messages. I think so. [I] must admit I’m shocked that there are so many of you and that you are not negative. Sorry for not answering. I’m not very sociable (T.rex), but I was pleased to read. In any case, I have nothing to say to you, probably because I look much more interesting from your words. It’s very flattering and overshadows my commonness.”

Moreover, the post added: “Thanks for your kind words. Thank you for the positive energy. Don’t doubt, guys, I mentally return it to you. Take your time and keep calm. Take care of yourself and your loved ones. Yours faithfully, Average person.”

This brought a much-appreciated sense of relief among his fans, who had been worried about his well-being. It is essential to emphasize the importance of verifying news before spreading it all over the internet, especially when celebrities are concerned. 

Most stars are used to rumors about them going around at different times. Several times, celebrities like Paul McCartney, Beyoncé, and Tom Cruise have been reported dead by anti-fans. 

Ernest Khalimov’s Car Accident

Contrary to the rumors circulating online, Ernest Khalimov was not involved in a car accident in 2021. The model is hale and hearty as far as we know and has not been in any car accident. 

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