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Do You Have Pet Insurance? Proof You May Regret It if You Don’t

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Many people think pet insurance is another bill added to an already long account of monthly expenses. However, some argue this is not the case and believe it is as essential as feeding or grooming a pet

While both sides have their points to argue, one cannot help but see pet insurance’s many benefits. According to a survey by Marketwatch, 99.5% of pet owners who have pet insurance do not regret doing so. This is a pretty telling statistic, and it begs the question, “What are the advantages of pet insurance?”

Pet insurance may seem like a waste of money, especially if your domesticated animal is healthy. However, there are several benefits to having one.

Pet insurance partially or fully covers veterinary treatment for an insured pet’s illness or injury. While some pets have long, healthy lives, others are predisposed to several illnesses. 

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This eases the financial burden on caregivers by covering most or all health expenses for sick or injured animals. In turn, having insurance helps you save money when your animal companion is ill.

Another upside to having pet insurance is that it increases the options for treatment. This enables the caregiver to choose and afford many treatment options that would have been pricy without insurance. The availability of insurance makes expensive life-saving interventions, such as surgeries or chemotherapy, more affordable.

Unlike human health insurance, which requires you to see specific doctors, one of the benefits this gives is the freedom to choose what veterinary doctor treats your pet. No referrals are needed, and you can choose the vet you’d like to oversee your pet’s care at your discretion.

By having insurance for your pet, you can also have a sense of financial security whenever it gets sick. Rather than having to dip into emergency savings to extract large amounts of money, you have already spread the cost over a couple of months without even knowing.  

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Therefore, this helps you stay prepared for your pet’s unexpected health problems. While your home buddy may never use the insurance during its lifetime, it is a considerable risk. The life of your dear animal may depend on its availability. 

It’s better to have it and not need it than to need it urgently and be left scrambling and stranded. Our pets cannot care for themselves, so your responsibility as a pet owner is to prepare adequately for the worst case possible. Remember, this not only benefits your little friend but also you and your savings in the long run. 

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