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Do Issa Rae and Her Brother Have a Close relationship? Everything Lamine Said About his Famous Sister

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It’s been years since fans of Issa Rae went wild after discovering the identity of her brother, whose look was unbelievably stunning.

Issa Rae first posted about her little brother in 2017, sharing a selfie of them together, claiming she ran into him at a party. Immediately, fans became mesmerized by his handsome, bearded appearance, which left the ladies thirsting over him.

Months later, the dark and handsome Lamine “Enimal” Diop made headlines again, joining the Twitter conversation of HBO’s “Insecure” during the premiere episode of the second season.

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While cheering for his sister, fans couldn’t help but notice his outstanding looks. A glimpse into his social media showed just how gorgeous he was in real life.

Liam Diop, Issa Rae brother | Image: Pinterest
Image: Pinterest

Standing at 6 feet and 6 inches, with a full face of nicely groomed beards and an iconic smile, he easily stood out as the dream guy. The discovery that he was pursuing a music career made Issa Rae’s brother even more appealing.

Having somewhat similar interests with his sister and respective showbiz careers, one would think their paths would cross more often – at least more than a random run-in at a party. That leaves the question of how close the siblings really are in real life.

Does Issa Rae Have A Great Relationship With Her Brother?

Going by pictures of Issa Rae and her brother posing together, which have surfaced over the years, the siblings seem to have a close-knit relationship.

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From their smiley faces that prove they enjoyed each other’s company to lauding each other’s accomplishments, the duo appears to share an amazing sibling bond. He also appeared on several episodes of his sister’s HBO comedy, spotlighting his own career.

However, their closeness came into question following a 2019 interview the musician granted following his sister’s engagement to Louis Diame. At the time, he claimed he never knew of his sister’s lowkey engagement until days later. Hence, despite being a family member, he was in the dark, just like the rest of the world.

Rae, whose real name is Jo-Issa Rae Diop, first sparked engagement rumors after appearing on the cover of Essence magazine in 2019, flaunting a massive sparkler. The actress failed to address the speculation, letting fans’ imaginations run wild.

Thankfully, Lamine Diop saved the day by confirming his sister’s engagement in an interview while spilling some major tea about his sister and her partner.

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These revelations, although welcomed, sent mixed signals. Many believed the usually private actress would not appreciate her brother sharing details about her private life, especially after she previously side-lined the subject.

Whether that created a rift between them or not remains unknown, as the two continue living their lives as a happy family.

Everything Lamine Diop Said About His Sister’s Engagement

Issa Rae and Louis Diame | Image: Pinterest
Image: Pinterest

After weeks of speculation about Issa Rae’s engagement, Diop stepped forward to break the ice. During the Los Angeles premiere of “Little,” in 2019, his excitement seemed to run wild as he confirmed the engagement rumors and more. Speaking to interviewers, he said:

“They did it around the holidays. She’s so low-key too, for real! I found out, like a couple days later, so we’re just gonna let her lead the way.”

Despite her not breaking the engagement news sooner, Diop did not seem to mind knowing his sister’s personality. He explained how excited he was that Rae finally found the one in Louis Diame.

What Diop Said Of His Sister’s Success

Going further, Lamine Diop revealed he and the rest of the family were always excited to celebrate all of the actress’s accolades. He added:

“They keep rolling in and we’re trying to keep up.”

The singer was referencing his sister’s back-to-back success, from her hit YouTube series, “The Mis-Adventures of Awkward Black Girl,” to her breakout on HBO’s “Insecure.”

So far, Rae’s on-screen performances have earned her awards like the NAACP Image Awards, the BET Award, Satellite Award and the 2022 PGA Visionary Vanguard Award among others.

What Issa Rae Thinks Of Fan’s Obsession With Her Brother

Lamine “Enimal” Diop also touched on the fan craze that has surrounded him since his identity as Issa Rae’s brother became public. While the media attention has certainly drawn more attention to his career, the focus on his good looks admittedly throws her off. He divulged:

“My sister is disgusted by it. Like… ‘This is the grossest website article ever!’”

Despite his sister’s opinion, the rapper admittedly loved such articles, describing them as quality journalism while urging news outlets to keep them coming.

Issa Rae and her brother | Image: Pinterest
Image: Pinterest

Diop’s Thoughts About His Sister’s Husband

During his interview at the “Little” premiere, the handsome brother of Issa Rae also dished on Louis Diame’s personality. He described his sister’s husband as a good guy, adding:

“He’s just a cool guy. They’ve been dating forever. He’s already been like a brother to me. Family ties at all the family events and dinners, Christmas, Thanksgiving.”

Issa rae and Louise Diame eventually tied the knot in a secret ceremony in 2021. So far, the actress appears to be enjoying every bit of her life as Diame’s wife.

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