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Did Oswald Act Alone? Chilling Testimonies From JFK’s Assasination

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2023 marks the 60th anniversary of John F. Kennedy’s assassination. As always, several docu-specials will be rolling out to revisit what happened on that tragic day in Dallas, Texas. Among them is one titled “JFK: What the Doctors Saw,” and it differs from the others because it includes some previously unreleased footage. 

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What Makes this Docu-Special Unique? 

“JFK: What the Doctors Saw” differs from other documentaries because it features previously unreleased footage. It also contains the testimony of seven doctors in the emergency room of Parkland Hospital that day.

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Parkland hospital
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They were tasked with reviving the then-president after he was shot as his motorcade rolled through Dealey Plaza on November 22, 1963.

When Was the Documentary Released? 

The documentary premiered on November 14, 2023, on Paramount+ and cast a shadow of doubt on the conclusion that Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone in JFK’s murder. 

Lee Harvey Oswald
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According to the Warren Commission, two shots were fired on that day by Oswald. They were shot from the Texas School Book Depository, and they entered Kennedy from behind. 

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The Bullet Wounds 

The first bullet reportedly entered via his upper back and exited near his larynx. The second entered the right side of his head and shot out through his forehead.

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It was the assassination of a president; there was no margin for error. Some speculate it was for that very reason that there was a second shot at all.

JFK Could Have Survived the First Shot 

According to reports, JFK could have survived the first shot. However, the second one left him with zero chances of survival. 

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Trauma 1
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He was still breathing when he arrived at Parkland Hospital. However, after a cardiac massage and tracheotomy failed to revive him, he was pronounced dead. This was thirty minutes after the shooting. 

The Brain Behind “What The Doctors Saw” 

The docu-special, “JFK: What the Doctors Saw,” throws cold water on the popular version of events. It was born after Jacque Lueth, the film’s executive producer, realized discrepancies between what happened and what the government said happened.  

Trauma room
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Lueth said: “I became involved with the story because one of my personal physicians told me he was in the emergency room at Parkland Hospital when JFK was brought in.” 

Jacque Lueth’s Doctor Got Her Interested in the Case

Lueth’s physician, Lawrence Klein, met her through her mom. He told Lueth that on November 22, 1963, he was a third-year medical student at UT Southwestern. He was on a rotation at Parkland Memorial Hospital and was in the emergency room when they rushed President John F. Kennedy in.

Presidential motorcade
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His account interested Lueth, who was passive about the story, so she decided to tell the world about it.     

What Lueth Discovered After a Chat With the Doctors  

Lueth’s doctor friend introduced her to six other doctors present that day. When she interviewed them, it became apparent their observations from Trauma Room 1 were different. 

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She said: “Based upon my interviews with the doctors, Jim Jenkins and Robert Tanenbaum, and my own research, there’s no question in my mind there was a government cover-up.”

There Were Reportedly Two Shooters 

The doctors believe that one of the bullets entered JFK via his throat, leaving an entrance wound at the front. They think that there were potentially two gunmen, with Oswald taking the rear shot. 

Surgical tools
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In an exclusive clip from “JFK: What the Doctors Saw,” two of the Parkland doctors recall the initial testimony of Dr. Malcolm Perry, the surgeon who treated JFK.

The Secret Service Was Involved? 

According to the doc clip, Dr. Perry described the throat wound as an entrance wound at a press conference.  

Donald Trump amidst Secret Service men
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The other doctors who dealt with the situation echoed the same sentiment, but one of them, Dr. McClelland, recalls something chilling that he witnessed later on. According to him, a man who seemed like a Secret Service agent had a warning for Perry.

The Chilling Warning

Dr McClelland said: “When [Dr. Perry] left the room, someone came up to him who Dr. Perry thought maybe was a Secret Service man, and he told Dr. Perry, ‘You must never, ever say that was an entrance wound again if you know what’s good for you.'”

US Secret Service man
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The good doctor would have had no choice but to overlook what they’d found, but the evidence seems ironclad. 

What the Documentary Revelations Mean 

The testimonial of seven doctors present that day shows that the public does not have the whole story. 

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Barbara Shearer, the director and executive producer of the documentary, said: “An entry wound to the neck — or the front of JFK’s body — indicates a shot from the front. The idea being, that there had to be a gunman in front of JFK if the bullet entered through his neck. That perspective runs contrary to the common narrative of JFK being shot from behind by a lone gunman.”

What About the Second Gunman?

If there was a second shooter, as the new evidence suggests, he was never found and has most likely passed on.

A Black and White Image of Lee Harvey Oswald
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If he still lives, he will be in his old age, and we doubt he would be forthcoming with information on what truly happened.

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