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After Almost 3 Decades Together, Here are the Woes That Have Made Will Smith and Jada Pinkett’s Marriage Unique

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Will and Jada Pinkett Smith are a spotlight couple whose marriage issues made it to the public. After all that, fans witnessed how they got it together.

Power couple Will and Jada Pinkett Smith have been married for over two decades, within which they have weathered some storms, both public and private. The couple’s last public drama caused quite an uproar.

However, fans only ever saw them coming out stronger and publicly owning up to the woes. The couple also seemed to have things back on track. Here’s a look through the tumultuous times.

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Inside Jada and Will’s Love

The pair first met each other in the early 90s, when Will was coming into his own as the star of “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.” At the time, Pinkett had auditioned to be Will’s girlfriend on the show.

However, her five feet height did not meet the requirement, and the role passed on Nia Long. In 1995, the pair began their relationship. Will once mentioned that he saw Jada on TV when she appeared on “A Different World. He relayed that he knew there “could be magic” between them.

At the time, he felt like he could build something beautiful with the actress, Will was yet married to Sheree Zampino Fletcher. He and Fletcher later got divorced, and he started dating Jada. When the couple got married, Jada was three months pregnant.

The Pair’s Marriage and Family

The duo got married in 1997 and kept it a private affair. It was so intimate that not many of their wedding photos are in public. The following year, Jada gave birth to Jaden Smith, their first child together.

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Willow Camille Reign Smith joined her family in 2000. Willow and Jaden are younger siblings to Will’s son, Trey, from his marriage to Zampino Fletcher, and while he does not seem to be all about the spotlight, his half-siblings have tapped into it.

Jada Said She Never Wanted Marriage

Her love for Will blossomed when they were youngsters, and once she found out she was pregnant, marriage loomed ahead. Jada once recalled how she detested the idea of getting married.

She once explained that she never wanted to tie the knot, but her mom, Adrienne Banfield-Norris, had been the driving force behind the idea of marriage. Jada also recalled that Will wanted to have a family, and all of these made her agree to get married.

Jada and Will Smith on Red Table Talk

Things came to a head last year when Jada’s name became a hot topic in connection to singer August Alsina. The singer first caused an uproar when he alluded to an affair with Jada.

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He also mentioned that he “got much love for her.” The social media space took it up, and many users weighed in on the situation. Jada decided to lay it bare on her Facebook Watch show, “Red Talk Table,” which she co-hosts with her mom and daughter.

This time, it was with Will. She sat across from him and calmly narrated the details of the “entanglement with August.” Through the non-violent back and forth, the couple admitted to having done things, not in their family’s favor.

Jada Brings Herself to the Table

Jada and Will address the recent headlines and share their journey of finding peace through pain.

Posted by Red Table Talk on Friday, July 10, 2020

What do Will and Jada Call Each Other?

The power couple has been rumored to have an open relationship for years, and these little revelations have also suggested this. However, the pair believes that their marriage has gone through a transformation over the years.

Jada once shared that she gradually dissolved the idea of what a husband and wife should be. She noted that there is no label to their relationship, and they only refer to each other as life partners.

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