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Critics Slam Gavin Newsom for Fleeing California Amid Deadly Wildfire and Heat Wave

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Governor Gavin Newsom has come under fire from many Californians after leaving the amid a difficult time. As the world grapples with the effects of record breaking heat wave, California has been plagued with hazardous and potentially fatal wildfires.

A picture of wildfires
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Now, opponents are bashing the governor as he joins President Joe Biden’s campaign trail.

California Wildfires are Raging

The state of California is battling a number of wildfires. It’s difficult for firefighters throughout the territory to put out these fierce fires. 

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A photo of the Texas wild fire
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Due to the fires’ proximity to numerous Californian houses, many people were forced to evacuate.

More Heat Waves

In addition to the wildfires, residents across California are also battling extreme heat wave, leading to a significant rise in temperature.

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Since the scorching weather started, numerous records have been broken. Palm Springs, California has recorded a record-breaking high of 124 degrees Fahrenheit. Death Valley, which has historically been regarded as being among the hottest locations on Earth, has broken its temperature benchmark.

Governor Newsom

Despite the challenging difficulties California is facing, Governor Newsom has chosen to support President Biden on the campaign tour.

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Governor Gavin Newsom
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Consequently, Newsom isn’t in the state to monitor the development of these challenging heat waves and extraordinarily hazardous and catastrophic wildfires.

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Objectors Discuss Newsom

Because of this reality, a lot of Residents have expressed their opinions about Newsom quite rapidly, particularly the governor’s detractors including Gop critics within the state’s legislative body.

Gavin Newsom lost in thought

For being absent from the region amid this especially trying week, his administration has come under fire from these critics.

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An Unofficial Presidential Run?

Since Newsom is spearheading his personal covert presidential operation, most of these opponents think he is actively endorsing Biden. The State GOP chairperson, Jessica Millan Patterson, also voiced a similar opinion.

A picture of Joe Biden
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According to her, Governor Newsom has been conducting a covert presidency candidacy for a while.

Biden’s Difficult Journey

Biden’s most ardent advocate, Newsom, has remained around throughout his disastrous display in their live showdown alongside former President Donald Trump.

U.S. President Joe Biden
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Some Liberals, fearing that Biden would be elderly to take down Trump in November, have in private and publicly urged him to withdraw and drop away from the campaign.

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Newsom Ascends

Numerous people have speculated that Newsom might be the Democrat who takes on Biden for the White House if he does opt to walk away from the contest, despite his insistence on not doing so.

Governor Gavin Newsom
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Opponents claim that this truth, or this “shadow presidential campaign,” is the reason Newsom is campaigning for Biden around the nation instead of sticking in his native California amid these difficult times.

Newsom Travels the Nation

Newsom traveled to D.C. to meet with Biden and other Democratic governors before traveling to Michigan to participate in an Independence Day picnic as a presidential candidate. Following that, he traveled to Pittsburgh; he will shortly be in Philadelphia and New Hampshire.

California’s governor
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These visits have drawn criticism from Patterson, who claims that Newsom’s frequent departures from the state and his frequent trips are a real insult to the people of California who supported and voted for him.

Is Newsom Put Through the Mill?

Patterson went on to say that she thinks Newsom is completely unfit to serve as California’s governor. He prefers to concentrate on winning the presidency.

Newsom’s Spending Spree Takes Center Stage as California Faces Budget Crisis
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She clarified that the state governor has been barred from office in California for an extended period of time and that this issue has consistently been a prelude to his eventual ambition of becoming president.

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A Newsom Plan

Newsom stands to gain from this, according to Democratic strategist Steven Maviglio, who noted that he might be able to take over in the event that Biden resigns.

Governor Gavin Newsom
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The governor has rendered it very evident, according to Maviglio, that he is dissatisfied with his work and that his reputation in the territory has declined. Since he has become preoccupied with his presidential campaign and isn’t giving his governorship his full attention, a greater percentage have reservations of him instead of favorable ones.

Is Newsom Going to Run?

Newsom has not yet given any indication about whether he is going to run as the nation’s leader despite the claims of numerous people that he would do so should Biden step aside.

The White House
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In response to a question concerning his encounter with Biden at the White House, Newsom stated that everyone had gone to hear his remarks, and “all in” was the phrase that struck the strongest chord. He explained that Biden started the conversation in that manner, and that is everything he was looking for, which is the reason he’s present.

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