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Craving Another ‘GOT’ Classic? Here are 7 Must-See Movies for Every ‘Game Of Thrones’ Fan

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From epic characters to fictional kingdoms at loggerheads, “Game Of Thrones” had all it took to leave fans craving more.

For eight seasons, the HBO classic, “Game Of Thrones” kept fans captivated, with epic battles, political strategies, and the quest for power.

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Everyone who has seen the HBO series ended up with an almost-insatiable yearning for a sequel. While a sequel seems unlikely, here are seven must-see movies that give off the same satisfaction, or at least close.


"A Knight's Tale" | Image: YouTube/Movieclips Classic Trailers
“A Knight’s Tale” | Image: YouTube/Movieclips Classic Trailers

The 2001 series, “A Knight’s Tale,” follows the life of a young squire, played by Heath Ledger, who passes himself as a knight. With his assumed role, the squire, William Thatcher, earned quite the reputation, competing in various tournaments and emerging as the champion.

“A Knight’s Tale” takes “GOT” lovers back to the fictional world of sword fights, knights, and magic. However, it has a more subtle tone. But be rest assured to experience the sarcastic Tyrion Lannister-style humor.

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"Dragonslayer" | YouTube/Retro Hideout
“Dragonslayer” | YouTube/Retro Hideout

Set in a world of dragons, sorcery, and sword duels, the Matthew Robbins directed movie, “Dragonslayer,” is a must-see for “GOT” cravers.

The 1981 film centers on the land of Urland terrorized by a fierce dragon. A sorcerer’s apprentice named Galen set out on a journey to confront the fire-breathing monster, and hopefully, save Urland from doom.

“Dragonslayer” is a top pick for anyone looking to relive the beautiful moments between Khaleesi and her dragons. Interestingly, “GOT” author George Martin gave the series a thumbs up, tagging it as one of his top fantasy films.

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The series is available for purchase on Amazon Prime.


"The King" | YouTube/Rapid Trailer
“The King” | YouTube/Rapid Trailer

Another top-ranking fantasy series for “GOT” lovers is the 2019 series, “The King,” which premiered on Netflix. The movie was set in 15th-century England and followed the life of the young King Henry V, played by Timothee Chalamet.

King Henry assumed the throne after his father’s death. The new king was unprepared for the internal chaos, political schemes, war, and betrayal thrown at his crown. He, however, resolved to learn to handle all the challenges like a true king be the best for his people. Ring a bell?


Black Death | YouTube/Magnolia Pictures
Black Death | YouTube/Magnolia Pictures

Aside from having two notable “Game Of Thrones” stars among its star-studded casts, the 2010 series, “Black Death,” has all the elements of “GOT” and more. The horror thrills of the film, combined with the fantasy world of knightdom, magic, and bloodshed, make it more epic.

Sean Bean and Carice Van Houten snagged roles in the film a year before “GOT” premiered. Produced by Chris Smith, the medieval horror-thriller dwells on a group of knights on a mission to determine the source of a mythical village’s immunity from the dreaded black plague. It is sure to keep one glued to the TV.


"Valhalla Rising" | YouTube/Space Rocket Nation
“Valhalla Rising” | YouTube/Space Rocket Nation

Take a moment to replace the chariots and castles in “GOT” with magnificent boats and unending sea expanse. With that accomplished, everything else about the film, “Valhalla Rising,” falls in place and completely syncs with the beloved HBO series.

“Valhalla Rising” plays around ravaging Vikings rather than scheming monarchs and knights. It focuses on a one-eyed warrior who became part of a small company of Vikings. His group set sail to conquer the new world. 

Encountering the Native American population in their course drew a battle line reminiscent of the chaos surrounding “GOT’s” seven kingdoms.


"Barbarian Queen" | Image: YouTube/Shout!  Factory
“Barbarian Queen” | Image: YouTube/Shout! Factory

Who else detested not seeing the great Daenerys Targaryen on the Iron Throne despite all her conquests? The sad fate of the dragon queen, despite favoring the fan-favorite family, left many loopholes. One of them was the pressing question of if the outcome would have been different had she been a different gender.

Watching the dragon queen rise from the meek, naive teenager to a conqueror gave viewers an unexplainable thrill. However, fans never got to experience the climax thanks to her ill-fated demise.

Thankfully, Khaleesi rooters can relive more female conquests in the 1985 film, “Barbarian Queen.”

The series is undoubtedly the most iconic feminist film to grace the screens and has its fair share of “GOT’s” nudity and violence. And there’s a plusꟷ The female warriors, in this case, lived to savor all their conquests while giving viewers a taste of “GOT’s” legendary brothels and fighting pits.


"Excalibur" | Image: YouTube/ TrailersPlaygroundHD
“Excalibur” | Image: YouTube/ TrailersPlaygroundHD

Like “Game Of Thrones,” “Excalibur” by John Boorman introduced viewers to a fantasy world where everyone lived to fulfill a pre-written destiny.

The 1981 film takes a dive into the mythical world of Merlin and King Author, but from an unexplored perspective. 

Starring Helen Mirren, Patrick Stewart, and Nigel Terry, a series of sword fights, epic sorcery, and love affairs summarized the legend of Prince Author as never heard before.

What more could a “Game Of Thrones” fan wish for!

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