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Controversial Anti-Aging Enthusiast Claims to Have Reduced His Father’s Age From 70 to 46 Through His “Super Blood” Injection 

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Anti-aging cosmetics are growing in abundance. They come with a promise to reduce the effects of premature aging, chief among which are the dreaded wrinkles. But anti-aging buff Bryan Johnson has more ambitious ideas. 

A Collage of Bryan Johnson With His Son and Father
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The controversial millionaire, in a post on X, has claimed to lower the age of his father by 25 years by injecting him with his “super blood.” 

Let’s Meet Bryan Johnson 

Bryan Johnson is a successful businessman and entrepreneur with an MBA from the University of Chicago. Back in the day, he founded Braintree, a mobile and web payment systems platform that made huge waves in the e-commerce industry. 

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A photo of Bryan Johnson in 2017
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He later acquired Venmo, another popular mobile payment service, before selling both companies to Paypal in a super-lucrative deal that fetched him about $800 million in 2013. 

Bryan is Also Interested in Biology 

Bryan’s interest in biology and human physiology became undisputed when he founded Kernel, a company that manufactures hardware that measures electric signals from the brain. The millionaire invested a whopping $100 million into the company. 

A picture of Bryan Johnson
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But Bryan was just getting started. He took things to the next level by diving into the anti-aging realm with the launch of the “Project Blueprint,” under which this “super blood” idea was developed. 

Project Blueprint 

In October 2021, Bryan unveiled Project Blueprint, an initiative focused on, as Time Magazine would put it, realizing his “quest for immortality.” From a facility in California, Bryan and his team work tirelessly to bring his anti-aging dreams to pass. 

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A woman posing for a photo
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Bryan believes that Project Blueprint will bring about “the most significant revolution in the history of Homo sapiens.”

How to Live Forever 

In pursuit of his dream to extend the lifespan of the human race, possibly indefinitely, Bryan has assembled some of the best brains in the medical field. These doctors have received his permission to place him on a strict health regime. 

An image of Bryan Johnson
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This plan includes placing machines to monitor his erections at night, administering hundreds of pills to him every day, and piercing his scalp with red light. 

The “Super Blood” Experiment

One of the major highlights of Project Blueprint is the “super blood” experiment. This is a blood-swapping treatment technique that involves draining blood from a child and injecting a parent. 

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Bryan Johnson Poses With His Dad, Richard
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Bryan has achieved the collaboration of his teenage son, Talmage, and his septuagenarian father, Richard, for the trial. Talmage’s blood was injected into Bryan’s veins while Bryan’s blood was injected into his father’s. 

The Big Announcement 

Recently, Bryan amused his followers by posting the progress report of his multi-million dollar experiment. In a post he made on X, Bryan announced that his super blood had reduced his dad’s age by 25 years. 

Bryan Johnson Poses With His Son and His Father
Source: MailOnline/X

He began the message by saying, “My father’s (70 yo) speed of aging slowed by the equivalent of 25 years after receiving 1 liter of my plasma, and has remained at that level even six months after the therapy.”

“I am My Dad’s Blood Boy”

The tech entrepreneur explained further. “The older we get, the faster we age. After receiving 1 L of my plasma, my father is now aging at the rate of a 46-year-old. Previously, he was aging at the rate of a 71-year-old. I am my dad’s blood boy.” 

Bryan Johnson Poses With His Son
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Alt: Bryan Johnson Poses With His Son

Title: Bryan Johnson and His Son

Bryan was, however, gracious enough to add that his findings may not be conclusive. He admitted this by revealing that only one biomarker was used to assess the change in his father’s aging rate. 

What Are Biomarkers?

In simple terms, biomarkers or biological markers are body characteristics in the blood, tissues, and body fluids that can be measured to assess one’s overall health. One example is one’s blood pressure. 

A Blood Pressure Monitor Displaying a Result
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Bryan didn’t disclose what marker he used. Medical experts, including Bryan’s lead physician, Oliver Zolman, do not believe biomarkers accurately measure body aging. 

Another Uncertainty 

He isn’t also certain if the change in aging rates resulted from the blood injection or some other causes. Part of his post on X read, “It is unknown if my dad’s slower speed of aging was due to him removing 600 mL of his plasma or receiving 1 L of my plasma? Or a combination of both?” 

Bryan Johnson and a Guest on His Podcast
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He also added that his father “didn’t do any other interventions during this time period.”

The Adventure Continues 

Bryan is more determined than ever to unravel the mystery of mortality. His next focus is the plan to reverse aging in his reproductive organ by 15 years. Speaking on his podcasts, he shed some light on the procedure involved, which he describes as painful. 

Bryan Johnson Hosting His Podcast
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“There’s this technology — you have a wand and you sit in a chair and the technician uses the wand and basically shocks your penis through acoustic technology,” he explains. 

Bryan is Not Alone 

Bryan isn’t the only moneybag who has considered creating death and nature. Jeff Bezos and Peter Thiel had once invested in therapeutics to slow or upturn aging-related diseases. 

Jeff Bezos and Peter Thiel
Source: Insiderads/X  zfellows_/X

But Bryan’s plan is more crazy. Instead of traditional anti-aging techniques centered around resting the body, Bryan wants to program his body to act like a teenager’s. Hopefully, he would find out how to live forever along the way. 

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