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A Glimpse at the Casts of Shonda Rhimes’ ‘Bridgerton’ and What You Should Know about Them

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Shonda Rhimes’ newest production, “Bridgerton” premiered on Netflix in December 2020, introducing an endless list of new fan-favorite casts and characters.

Based on the Regency romance novel series by Julia Quinn, “Bridgerton” is one of the newest television shows which has lots of fans hooked, having outstanding ratings and reviews. The Shonda Rhimes-produced series, which premiered on December 25, 2020, came with an impressive lineup of casts, with racial diversities.

The series focuses on the lives of the Bridgertons, comprising Lady Bridgerton and her eight children. Another family, the Featheringtons are also caught in the webs of the Bridgerton family drama, making the show more heated, with several favorite characters to keep track of.

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In its eight-episode run, fans revelled in the voice of acting legend, Julie Andrews, arguably the most famous entertainer in the cast lineup. Aside from the “Sound Of Music” star, who doesn’t appear physically in the movie, other casts of “Bridgerton” have little or no acting history, making it a challenge to keep up with their off-the-screen antics.

Looking to keep up with the favorite “Bridgerton” casts both on and off the screen, here is a list of the main stars, their roles in the classic series, and their lives outside the show.


Award-winning actress, Julie Andrews voiced the columnist, Lady Whistledown, author of a controversial newspaper. With credits in classic movies like “Sound Of Music,” “The Princess Diaries,” and “Mary Poppins,” there could not have been a better pick for the role of the refined yet mischievous columnist.


Known for her role as Clare on “Younger,” and Martha Cratchit on “Dickensian,” Phoebe Dynevor killed the part of Daphne Bridgerton. As the oldest Bridgerton daughter, the series opens with Daphne making her debut in the society to attract prospective suitors.

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After several attempts to land a man, she devised a ploy to make herself more appealing, setting the movie’s plot in motion. Other films Dynevor has starred in include “Waterloo Road” and “Snatch.”


Starring as the Duke of Hastings, Zimbabwe-born Regé-Dean Page rendered the role of the nobleman flawlessly. The young Duke, who vowed never to have a wife or father an heir ended up on Daphne’s radar upon his return to London.

Along the line, he complied with her plan, determined not to go back on his vows. Just how far could his stern resolutions keep him from falling for the pretty, daring, yet innocent first daughter of the Bridgertons?

Although “Bridgerton” represents his first leading role, Page has starred in movies like 2015’s “Roots,” “Waterloo Road,” and “For The People.”

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Eloise Bridgerton played by Claudia Jessie in "Bridgerton" | Image: Instagram/Claudiajessiebrasil
Eloise Bridgerton played by Claudia Jessie in “Bridgerton” | Image: Instagram/Claudiajessiebrasil

Claudia Jessie deserves credits for her performance in the Netflix series as Eloise Bridgerton, the second oldest daughter of the clan. Unlike her sister, the cheerful young lady, although not old enough to make her society debut, establishes her disinterest in men or marriage.

Instead, she believes there was more to life than settling down and was determined to enjoy every bit of that “more” to the fullest. In addition to playing Eloise, Jessie was featured in “Vanity Fair,” “Lovesick,” and “WPC 56.”


Daphne’s older brother, and the first of the Bridgerton siblings, Anthony Bridgerton came to life thanks to the creative input of Jonathan Bailey. The actor has previously starred in the sitcoms “Crashing, ” “Broadchurch,” “W1A, ” and the musical theatre production, “Company.”


Another renowned cast of the “Bridgerton” Netflix series is Luke Newton. He portrayed Colin Bridgerton, the youngest adult son of the noble family, naive by nature. In contrast to his three older brothers, Colin enjoyed society balls and other activities common to the high London society. 

Additionally, he offered no resistance to the concept of courtship, a trend his predecessors highly frowned upon at his age. He made appearances in the series “Mr. Selfridge,” and “The Lodge.”


Luke Thompson as Benedict Bridgerton | Image: Instagram/Bridgertonnetflix
Luke Thompson as Benedict Bridgerton | Image: Instagram/Bridgertonnetflix

Who better to play Benedict Bridgerton, the second son of the clan, than the ex Dunkirk officer, Luke Thompson. Benedict, like his older brother, hated the thought of marriage. Rolling with the Bohemian crowd did little to enhance his journey to finding love and settling down.

Thompson, like most of the other “Bridgerton” casts, has an acting history, with several stage performances in Shakespeare-inspired productions.


Ruth Gemmell as Lady Violet Bridgerton | Image: Instagram/Bridgertonnetflix
Ruth Gemmell as Lady Violet Bridgerton | Image: Instagram/Bridgertonnetflix

Actress, Ruth Gemmell, portrayed the Bridgerton family matriarch, Lady Violet Bridgerton. As a widowed woman with four sons and four daughters, Violet remained committed to helping her kids earn the best out of life. However, motherly love sometimes superseded reason, making her less strict in upholding her rules.

Gemmell has starred in such movies as “Fever Pitch,” “Utopia,” and “Penny Dreadful.”


Introducing the eldest of the Featherington sisters, Penelope Featherington, brought to life by actress, Nicola Coughlan. Penelope made her society debut in this first season of the Shonda Rhimes production.

Being the first of three sisters, the character shouldered a lot of obligations to her family, including landing the right man in time. The changes in her life take a toll on her fragile heart throughout the series, but her smart and anxious nature, coupled with her best friend, Eloise’s support helps her scale through.

Coughlan’s past movie credits include “Derry Girls,” where she played Clare, and in “Harlots” where she starred as Hannah.


Adjoa Andoh as Lady Danbury | Image: Instagram/Bridgertonnetflix
Adjoa Andoh as Lady Danbury | Image: Instagram/Bridgertonnetflix

Renowned Theatre actress, Adjoa Andoh played the beloved Lady Danbury in the Netflix series. Although they shared no blood relations, the amiable Lady represented a mother figure to the Duke of Hastings and stood by him right from the cradle.

Adjoa pulled off the part flawlessly, adding to her  long list of impressive acting gigs, which already boasts of “Doctor Who,” “Invictus,” and “Fractured.”


Golda Rosheuvel brought the late Queen Charlotte, Prince George III’s wife to life in this epic romance tale. She assumed the character of the legendary British monarch, who was biracial and enjoyed an eccentric lifestyle.

Before her stint as Queen Charlotte, Rosheuvel appeared in “Lady Macbeth,” 2016. She also starred in “Silent Witness” as well as some stage productions.


Ruby Barker as Marina Thompson in "Bridgerton" | Image: Instagram/Rubybarker
Ruby Barker as Marina Thompson in “Bridgerton” | Image: Instagram/Rubybarker

“Bridgerton” introduces the captivating cousin of the Featheringtons, Miss Marina Thompson just at the onset of the courtship season. The beauty joined the family, with no intentions of laying low. Her antics soon threatened the Featheringtons’ thoroughly planned-out lives, and ultimately, Penelope’s chances of landing an eligible suitor. 

Actress Ruby Parker did the honors of playing this coy character and killed the role without a doubt. This young actress has showcased her talents in other films like “Wolfblood.”


Polly Walker as Lady Portia Featherington | Image: Instagram/Bridgertonnetflix
Polly Walker as Lady Portia Featherington | Image: Instagram/Bridgertonnetflix

“Rome” star Polly Walker starred as Lady Portia Featherington, a mom to Penelope and her two sisters Prudence and Phillipa. Thanks to the hidden pitfalls of her marriage, the mother-of-three was determined to secure a more stable marital life for her daughters. Hence, her seemingly overbearing approach.

Aside from “Rome” and Bridgerton,” Walker has starred in iconic movies like “Pennyworth,” “Emma,” and “Mr. Selfridge.”


Jessica Madsen | Image: Instagram/Jess_Mads
Jessica Madsen | Image: Instagram/Jess_Mads

Starring as Cressida Cowper, Daphne’s nightmare and sworn rival, Jessica Madsen thrilled viewers with one of her best performances yet. With previous credits in thrillers like “Dark Light,” and “Leatherface,” shifting from her usual horror flicks came as a smooth transition for the star, to the amazement of many.


The Netflix must-see series featured Kathryn Drysdale as Genevieve Delacroix, the modiste. As the famous seamstress, she made dresses for all the high society ladies. Her role required her spending a lot of time with the women. As such, she enjoyed a handsome bout of juicy high society gossip.

Remarkably, each book of Julia Quinn’s Regency series focuses on the love life of one of the Bridgerton siblings. With the first season becoming an instant hit, viewers can hardly wait to welcome “Bridgerton” season 2 and explore the romance of yet another sibling.

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