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British Model Naomi Campbell’s Epic 1993 Fall Became a Surge for Her Career: A Look Back at the Iconic Moment

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When Naomi Campbell started modeling at the age of 15 in 1978, it signified, an iconic moment in her career. However, the phenomenal model will never forget her epic runway fall in 1993.

Naomi Campbell’s history as one of the most revered models in the world makes her almost infallible, but there was a time she had to turn her lemons into lemonade.

This dates back to 1993 when Campbell was beginning to make an impression in the fashion world and leaving an imprint in the hearts of many bigshot designers. The supermodel missed a step during one of her runway stints and faltered. Here’s how she picked herself up and also experienced a career surge. 

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when Naomi Campbell started modeling
Naomi Campbell, Fall 2005 Couture. Image: Pinterest.

Naomi Campbell Remembers 1993 Fall

Back in April 2020, superstar model Naomi Campbell had a message of hope for her millions of fans amid the novel coronavirus pandemic. And to push forward her message, she went back in time to 1993, sharing a clip of her headline-making fall on the runway. 

Campbell shared the clip on Instagram, showing a seven-second video of her 23-year-old self during the Vivienne Westwood fashion show in 1993. She wrote in her caption:

“Do not judge me by my success; judge me by how many times I fell down and got back up again.”

Campbell’s wisdom nugget was gotten from late Nelson Mandela, but it addressed the heart-stopping video that showed her topple in a pair of fiery purple Vivienne Westwood heels. 

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The video showed her slowly making strides on the rug-covered runway, with the audience on either side. Campbell’s willowy figure was clad in a velvet blazer-style blouse, a plaid skirt, and the killer heels with climbing straps. 

Campbell’s legs were clad in a pair of white pantyhoses, while she wore her red hair in an updo. The look was completed with a pink feather boa around her arms. The video’s progression showed Campbell suddenly wobbling before she fell on her butt.

She, however, seemed to have taken it with a lighthearted feeling as she bowed her head and laughed. The next slides in Campbell’s post showed her smiling while trying to get up, while the last image was an up-close one of her epic purple heels.

Campbell Reflects on That Fall

In a 2019 interview with British Vogue, Campbell, 51, reflected on the fall. At the time, she was joined by designer Vivienne Westwood.

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Campbell shared that she “was embarrassed because it was not the right time of the month for a woman to fall.” She also seemed to have faulted herself for the misstep. 

The star mentioned that she felt like she should have pushed herself and practiced more. At this point, Westwood chipped in, letting Campbell know that it wasn’t her fault. The A-list designer shared:

“Stop! The reason you fell is because you had these rubber tights and your thighs caught together!”

The public figure noted that despite faltering, all she thought of was to get back on her feet and complete her task. Campbell ultimately got back up, walked through, and appeared a second time in the same heels.

Campbell, Westwood Fashion Show, 1993. Image: Pinterest.

The Fall Got Campbell More Gigs

One would think Naomi Campbell would have experienced a setback with her 1993 career faux pas, but that was not to be. In her interview with British Vogue, Campbell opened up about the events that transpired after the Westwood show incident.

Naomi Campell’s baby news in 2021 caused quite a stir, but it is safe to say it stays outmatched by the buzz she got in 1993. And top designers were willing to pay high for Naomi’s services.

Fashion bosses wanted Naomi to wear their pieces, fall on her feet and stir up press for their brand. Campbell did not reveal the specific designs, but she mentioned refusing. The star noted that it was against what she stood for. 

Campbell stated that she did not stage the Westwood show fall, and she would not reprise the incident for money. That moment marked a progressive period in Campbell’s career, although it started disappointingly. 

When Naomi Campbell started modeling
Mandatory Credit: Photo by Andrew H. Walker/WWD/REX/Shutterstock (6694153y) Naomi Campbell Princess Grace Awards Gala presented by Christian Dior Couture, Arrivals, Cipriani 25 Broadway, New York, USA – 24 Oct 2016

Campbell Reunites With The Westwood Heels

In 2013, twenty years after the fall, Campbell got a second chance with the same Westwood heels on “The Jonathan Ross Show.” Ross had pulled out the shoes challenging the supermodel to try them on again. 

Campbell was definitely in shock, coming face-to-face with her old-time nemesis, but fear was not an option. The 5ft 8″ model proved her long-standing reputation as a star by stepping into the shoe.

The star strutted her stuff with little effort, and not once did she miss her steps. Fans might have wondered when Naomi Campbell started modeling, but it is safe to say that her second chance with the purple heels proved she was an OG in the game of fashion.

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