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Late Black Panther Actor, Chadwick Boseman’s Brother Opens up about His Last Days in a New Interview

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Weeks after the world lost the great legend, Chadwick Boseman, his brother, Kevin Boseman, is opening up about his last moments on earth.

It’s been over a month since “Black Panther” star Chadwick Boseman left the earth prematurely, following a long battle with cancer.

This week, the late icon’s brother, Kevin Boseman, granted an interview, where he reflected on Chadwick’s life before fame. He also shared details about the legend’s death, dwelling on his final days on earth.

Unlike many who remember Chadwick Boseman as the Marvel superhero Black Panther, his family, and thousands more in his home town prefer to keep him in their hearts as just “Chad.”

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Admittedly, the fame the icon attained during his lifetime, coupled with the publicity surrounding his death, has made it difficult. Kevin Boseman explained:

“I have been trying to remember Chad and not Chadwick. And there’s just been a lot of Chadwick in the air.”

Hailing from the small town of Anderson in South Carolina with a population of 20,000 people, rising to prominence was a huge feat for the actor. 

Anderson residents, who knew the actor before fame, held him in high esteem. His Hollywood success gave the town a sense of dignity, proving to the locals that they could achieve anything.

These youngsters were eager to show how much his life inspired them.

According to Chadwick’s brothers, his stardom came with a price. Kevin Boseman explained how becoming a public figure meant the icon’s family had to share him with the rest of the world. However, their shared brotherhood still prevailed.

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The “Black Panther” star’s oldest brother, Derrick Boseman, chose to embrace the positive in the actor’s well-lived life rather than dwell on his death. He recounted the positive impact Chadwick had on his town’s people, adding:

“He’s probably the most gifted person I’ve ever met.”

And millions of fans, even those who never snagged an opportunity to meet the real-life superhero, agree with Derrick.

Following Chadwick’s death from colon cancer on August 28, many fans, politicians, and celebrities alike utilized various platforms to express their sadness over his loss.

Among the most commendable tributes were the outpouring of love from his youngest fans. These youngsters were eager to show how much his life inspired them.

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Many Black families shared pictures of their young lads paying homage to the legend in creative, yet touching ways. The show of love touched many hearts, who were in awe of how much of an inspiration Chadwick was to the Black community.

The late star’s family has, over time, consoled themselves with the belief that Chadwick gave his best to the world. And undoubtedly, his best was incredible. 

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