Wednesday, June 19, 2024
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Bill Cassidy Criticizes Party’s Presumptive Presidential Nominee, Says Race is a “Sorry State of Affairs”

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Senator Bill Cassidy
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On Sunday, Louisiana GOP Sen. Bill Cassidy expressed disappointment in his party’s presumptive presidential nominee. According to him, Donald Trump’s rhetoric about illegal immigrants does not reflect well on him. Especially since he talks about migrants in a “dehumanizing fashion.”

When asked about Trump’s recent comments that not all undocumented immigrants are people, Cassidy said. “The president’s rhetoric has reflected poorly … regarding folks who are coming here illegally — illegally — and they shouldn’t be, but in a dehumanizing fashion. And that’s why, again, many people continue to have reservations.”

“The best thing going for Donald Trump running for president is that he’s running against [President] Joe Biden, about whom many people also have reservations. And frankly, that’s why people are considering third parties. So it’s, it’s a sorry state of affairs,” the senator also said. 

Cassidy is famous for his criticism of Biden. Still, his dislike of the current president does not mean he will commit to endorsing Trump. He added, “The answer I’m going to give, the answer I’ve given consistently whenever asked about this on “Meet the Press,” is that I plan to vote for a Republican for the presidency of the United States.”

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Cassidy, one of the few Republican senators who moved to convict Trump when he was impeached in 2021, also criticized him for saying he was willing to “free” some of those who have been convicted of crimes committed at the Capitol on January 6.

“We’re a nation of laws,” Cassidy believes. “Those folks were convicted. Many times, they pled guilty. If you plead guilty … obviously, you’re not a patriot.” “I think that’ll be a wrong signal,” Cassidy added of Trump’s potential plan,” he said.

Cassidy refused to answer questions about whether Trump would follow the Constitution in a second term. He called the question a “hypothetical.” However, he noted that our system has checks and balances that can theoretically check people who act unconstitutionally.

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POLL — Should Donald J. Trump Be Allowed to Run for Office?

He took that opportunity to talk about how Biden acted in that manner when he tried to forgive student loans, and the Supreme Court put a stop to it,” Cassidy added.

In June, the Supreme Court ruled 6-3 that Biden’s student loan relief program was an unlawful exercise of presidential power. The reason? It did not have congressional authorization.

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Despite Cassidy’s warning, many people believe the former president will emerge as the Republican candidate in the coming elections. Polls have put him in the lead approval-wise, but the election is still pretty much anybody’s game. 

However, how long that status will last is unknown. 

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