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Biden Allies Vouch for Him Amid Age Questions Following Special Counsel’s Report

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Joe Biden
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President Joe Biden has shifted his response to inquiries about his age, moving from a “watch me” stance to calling on others to vouch for his mental sharpness.

Following a report by special counsel Robert Hur that highlighted Biden’s “significantly limited” memory, his appointees and supportive lawmakers have been publicly affirming his mental acuity.

Biden’s associates have emphasized his habit of asking “pertinent questions” and his attention to “minute details,” portraying him as “very engaging” and detail-oriented. In a noteworthy move, the White House released a memo listing senior officials from both parties who have attested to Biden’s mental sharpness.

Despite the endorsements from numerous individuals, certain prominent Democrats remain unconvinced that this approach will assuage concerns regarding Biden’s cognitive abilities. They express concern that the protective measures taken by the White House may inadvertently isolate Biden from individuals who value his humanity, imperfections and all.

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“You need to let Joe Biden be Joe Biden,” Rep. Debbie Dingell, D-Mich., said on “The Chuck ToddCast,” taped Tuesday. With nine months remaining before the election, Biden has ample time to adjust his strategy and gauge the impact of Hur’s report on public perception.

However, the special counsel’s findings have brought Biden’s age, his primary electoral vulnerability, to the forefront, igniting a consequential debate about his abilities.

“The special counsel said the quiet part out loud,” remarked a former Democratic House member, speaking anonymously to avoid upsetting allies. Recalling past experiences in meetings with Biden.

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This including a bicameral session at the White House three years ago, this individual noted instances where Biden rambled off-topic and seemed lost in nostalgia for his time in Congress.

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“I think I share some of the concerns of the American people,” the former lawmaker said, drawing a comparison to the plot of a 1980s film. “Because if it’s really ‘Weekend at Bernie’s,’ who are the two guys carrying him along?”

Expressing further concern, the ex-lawmaker suggested that the special counsel’s report should be grounds for Biden to exit the race, though Biden has shown no indication of stepping down.

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“This is a great ‘exit stage right’ moment,” they said. “But I just don’t think that hubris and ego will allow that to be.” A White House official denied that the Hur report has brought about a change in strategy.

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“We’ve always encouraged people who are actually around the president to rebut this false narrative Republicans are promoting by sharing their own experiences working for him,” the official said in a statement. “And if we’re doing that more, it’s only because the media is spending so much time on the gratuitous and false attacks made by Hur last week.”

Last week, the White House rushed to refute the report, organizing a press conference where the 81-year-old Biden vehemently asserted, “my memory is fine.”

Despite the effort, the event failed to quell the controversy, with reporters bombarding Biden with questions as he squinted into the lights. In the aftermath, presidential appointees have been working feverishly to share anecdotes portraying Biden as fully capable and in control.

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