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Angela Bassett’s Kids Are yet to See Her Most Iconic Role till Date: Here’s What She Thinks about That

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While the world can’t have enough of the iconic actress and producer, Angela Bassett, there are two people who couldn’t care less: Her set of twins.

The saying, “a prophet is not known among his people,” is one the Hollywood legend, Angela Bassett was quite familiar with, having experienced it firsthand.

In an exclusive interview, the actress disclosed her kids were yet to see the one movie which made the world obsessed with her. The 1993 film, titled “What’s Love Got To Do With It” notably remains her most iconic to date.

Her portrayal of singing legend, Tina Turner not only stamped her name in the book of fame but also earned her an Oscar nod and a Golden Globe win.

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With such commendable accolades gracing her bio, one would think Angela Bassett’s kids would bear the movie on their sleeves, visibly proud of her. But that was not the case, and she had no intentions of forcing them to do otherwise. Explaining her take on their disinterest, she said:

“Let them discover it. Let their friends discover it. Maybe then, I’d get some more respect around here! I tell them, you don’t know what I got up my sleeve.’

Trust Bassett to have a lot up those sleeves! Following her rendition of Turner’s life and struggles, the actress played another epic part in the horror flick, “American Horror Story” as Mare Laveau, the Voodoo queen.

One scene, in particular, proved how dedicated she was to her art. Bassett recalled how much willpower it took for her to hold still as a real python crawled around her, tightening its grip. Acting aside, that was creepy!

Ingraining a sense of responsibility in the duo from the cradle helped them grow into accountable teenagers

Proving herself to the world and her numerous fans was one thing, but having the same impact on her 15-year-old kids, Bronwyn and Slater was a whole new ballgame. Notwithstanding, the 62-year-old star has managed to get through to them in some way.

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In the same interview, she admitted her teenage son and daughter enjoyed her voice acting in the animation, “Soul” and acknowledged her prowess. Given Bassett and her husband, Courtney B. Vance’s parenting approach, it was typical for the parents to leave the decision up to the twins at this point. Vance once disclosed:

“We always said that from zero to 12, children need to hear us. and do what we ask them to do. And then 13 on, we have discussions. So we’re in the discussion phase now.”

This is not the first time the parents would discuss their kids’ upbringing and the impact on their life’s choices. Back in 2019, Vance, who welcomed his twins in January 2006, dished on his children’s unique values.

He explained how ingraining a sense of responsibility in the duo from the cradle helped them grow into accountable teenagers.

Going further, Angela Bassett’s husband explained that as teenagers, he and his wife refrained from forcing the kids into anything. Yet, they always ended up doing the right thing.

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Seeing as Bassett’s children grew up prim and proper, even in their teenage years, there’s no doubt the “Black Panther” actress and her husband’s parenting approach is invaluable.

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