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The Story Behind Andrew Garfield and Ryan Reynolds’ Golden Globe Kiss

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Andrew Garfield and Ryan Reynolds’ unthinkable prank during the 2017 Golden Globes will definitely go down in history.   

An undeniable and recurrent tag about award shows is that they are generally very tame. Apart from winners who would probably remember the night for the plaques they win and a couple of eye-raising acceptance speeches, the shows are largely forgettable. 

The 2017 edition of Golden Globes and the 74th in total was no exception. For the most part, the show felt like an afterthought. The movie “La La Land” won seven awards out of 14 possible movie prizes. 

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Andrew Garfield and Ryan Reynolds
Image: Pinterest

The decision to appoint Jimmy Fallon as the host panned out as one might expect. A couple of not-so-funny jokes and nervous laughs made the show largely unremarkable. However, in that dull affair, there were still some headline-worthy moments. 

Iconic actress Maryl Streep had some strong words for President-elect Donald Trump during her acceptance speech for the Cecil B. DeMille lifetime achievement award. Also, Viola Davis honoring her late father was quite emotional.

However, the unlikely duo of Andrew Garfield and Ryan Reynolds created the most talked-about moment of the entire ceremony. The two actors shocked fans when they suddenly kissed during the ceremony.

Andrew Garfield and Ryan Reynold’s Kiss at the Golden Globes

Garfield came to the 74th Golden Globe award ceremony with high hopes. The actor had been nominated for a Golden Globe, Best Actor in a Drama Motion Picture due to his superb performance in the movie “Hacksaw Ridge.”

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Reynolds, who was also at the ceremony with his wife, Blake Lively, hoped he would go home with a Golden Globe. His sole nomination for Best Actor in a Motion Picture Musical or Comedy came from his stellar performance in “Deadpool.”

The two acclaimed actors and Golden Globe hopefuls soon found themselves sitting at the same table. Reynolds sat between his wife, who he married in 2012, and Garfield as the event unfolded. 

Nothing seemed out of the ordinary as they sat together, but that changed when Ryan Gosling won the award for Best Actor in a Motion Picture Musical or Comedy.  As Gosling went up to receive his prize, fans shockingly spotted Garfield and Reynolds kissing each other.

Garfield Speaks On Golden Globe Kiss With Reynolds

The video of Garfield and Reynolds kissing spread like wildfire as soon as people noticed them. The pair held each other’s heads while Lively and other people around the table laughed.

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The smooching incident became a hot topic for Garfield in his subsequent interviews. While answering the web’s most searched questions about him with “Wired,” the actor had to address the incident.

Andrew Garfield
Image: Pinterest

Garfield admitted that the kiss was a fun moment for him. The actor revealed that he and Reynolds conceived the prank during the ceremony. He stated:

I said to him {Reynolds}, ‘If you win, kiss me instead of Blake, your wife’ because Blake was on the other side. He was like, ‘Amazing. Let’s do it.’ And then he was like, ‘What if, even I don’t win?’ I’m like, ‘Yeah. Let’s just kiss. ‘So yeah, that was fun. It was nice to do it. I liked it.

After Gosling won the award instead of Reynolds, the pair decided to still follow through with their plan. Both actors received praises from fans for their funny prank and for being friendly enough to come up with it.

Garfield Kisses Stephen Colbert

A few days after the Golden Globe kiss, Garfield appeared on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert. As expected, the show host brought up the actor’s kiss with Reynolds, and he even played the footage.

Garfield responded that he just wanted Reynolds to know he loved him no matter whether he won or lost. The actor also stated that he felt comfortable kissing other men. 

Colbert also revealed he felt okay kissing men, and to everyone’s surprise, the two instantly locked lips. They stopped for a brief second before launching into another minute of lips locking.

After the kiss, Colbert commended Garfield for being a gentle lover. The pair then talked about the former’s performance in “Hacksaw Ridge,” and his other endeavors. 

Where Are They Now?

Although Reynolds and Garfield left the 2017 Golden Globes without winning, the pair have continued dropping blockbuster movies for fans. Apart from his 2017 nomination, Garfield has received nominations for a Golden Globe on two more occasions.

In 2011 he was nominated for Best Supporting Actor in a Motion Picture for his performance in “The Social Network.” The actor got nominated again in 2022 for Best Actor in a Motion Picture Musical/Comedy. This time around, Garfield went home with the plaque.
Meanwhile, Reynolds has not received a nomination since missing out in 2017.

However, the actor has continued dropping box office hit movies. In 2016 he dropped “Deadpool 2” and the action comedy film “Free Guy” in 2021. His latest movies Red Notice and “The Adam Project,” also have broke streaming records.

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