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HomeNewsAmazon Fires Alabama Delivery Driver Who Shot Dog After Visiting Wrong Home

Amazon Fires Alabama Delivery Driver Who Shot Dog After Visiting Wrong Home

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Amazon Fires Alabama Delivery Driver Who Shot Dog After Visiting Wrong Home
Source: MSN

Amazon has fired an Alabama delivery driver who shot a dog while he was making a delivery to a resident in Heuytown. Authorities responded to a home in the 1000 block of 26th Avenue to a report that someone shot a dog at 5:30 p.m. According to reports, the dog’s owner, Rose Kirk, was not expecting any package.

Therefore, it is unclear why there was a driver on her porch to begin with.  As he was about to drop the delivery item, the dog emerged from under the porch, frightening him. “It was reported that the dog was being very aggressive and charged at the delivery driver,” police said. 

The driver then fired a single shot at the dog and fled the scene. Officials interviewed him later and determined he was only trying to defend himself. Therefore, they didn’t charge him, and they let him go.

However, Kirk has an opposing opinion on the matter. According to her, the driver’s self-defense claim is false for two reasons. First, she never ordered a package to begin with. So, why was the driver on her porch?

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Second, she claims that her dogs, Solar and Lunar, were chained and lying in chairs under the porch. When she heard the gunshot by her front door, she went out to investigate and saw that Solar was shot in the shoulder. The bullet exited through his chest, leaving the dog bleeding profusely. 

“When I saw all the blood dripping from my dog, and I was like, my dog was on a leash. He was on a chain,” she said. “Why would you come up on my porch? Both of them were sitting in their chairs. He noticed them, but instead of backing off, he did not back off.”

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She continued her argument, “Suppose he had a package to deliver, which I never ordered a package. He had no reason to be on my property.” On the bright side, Solar’s injuries were not fatal. They quickly rushed him to a nearby hospital, and he is currently getting treatment. 

Kirk also has an online fundraiser where well-wishers donate money for Solar’s medical bills. The dog owner and her family hired an attorney, Travis McCormick, to investigate this issue further. USA TODAY reached out to the attorney for a comment, to which he obliged. 

“At this time, the focus of the Kirk family is on the continued recovery of Solar and working to heal themselves emotionally after this tragedy,” he wrote. Amazon’s company spokesperson, Austin Stowe, also spoke to NBC News concerning the issue. 

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“We are in touch with the customer, and we’ve reached out to Hueytown Police Department as they investigate,” Stowe said. The representative also noted that Amazon has let him go, and he is no longer their employee. Regardless of the situation, Amazon’s policies do not allow employees who deliver packages for them to carry weapons. 

Instead, they allow them to carry dog deterrent devices as long as they comply with state and local laws. Medical officials expect Solar to recover well, and Kirk is still trying to get some justice.

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