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What Happened to Alyssa Scott and Nick Cannon’s Son?

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Nick Cannon became a father for the seventh time when he welcomed his son Zen with Alyssa Scott. However, their joy was short-lived.  

Hollywood entertainment personality Nick Cannon is well known for his exploits in the entertainment industry. The “Masked Singer” host is a multi-faceted star who has succeeded in various roles within the industry.

Cannon is not just a successful actor and Tv host. He is also a rapper, comedian, and businessman. He has also worked behind the scenes writing and producing shows like Nickelodeon’s “The Nick Cannon Show.”

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However, away from his well-established career, Cannon has built an eye-raising reputation around his personal life. The actor has fathered seven kids with four different women, including welcoming four kids in just six months.

Nick Cannon
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Cannon became a father for the first time in 2011 when he welcomed twins Moroccan and Monroe with his then-wife Mariah Carey. The actor became a father again to son Golden Sagon in 2017, this time around with Brittany Bell. 

Cannon and Bell welcomed another child in December 2020 named Powerful Heir. Six months after, the actor surprisingly announced the births of his twins Zion and Zillion with professional Dj Abby De La Rosa.

Just days later, Cannon stunned fans when he announced the birth of his seventh child Zen with a lady called Alyssa Scott. The actor seemed to be on a roll until an incident broke his heart.

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Nick Cannon and Alyssa Scott’s Relationship

Cannon and Scott first made waves in October 2020 when the pair went on a date night to celebrate the latter’s 27th birthday at Nobu, a Malibu hotspot. The actor had his arm around Scott, who looked beautiful in a see-through fringe maxi dress, as they exited the restaurant and got into his Rolls Royce.

Alyssa Scott and Nick Cannon
Image: Pinterest

Seven months after their night out, Scott, a model, took to her Instagram to announce her pregnancy and the name of her unborn child. Although she did not disclose the father’s identity with the kid’s name Zen S. Cannon, fans already guessed it was the actor.

Finally, on June 23, 2021, Scott gave birth to Zen and subsequently shared the news on her Instagram. The new mother shared pictures of herself and Cannon with videos of their son and vowed to love him. Sadly their joy was cut short months later. 

Alyssa Scott and Nick Cannon Lose Son

There is no more profound pain than that of parents who had just lost their child, and this was evident when Nick Cannon announced the death of his and Alyssa Scott’s 5-month-old son Zen after a battle with cancer on December 7, 2021.

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At the start of his daytime talk show, “The Nick Cannon Show, Cannon disclosed this heartbreaking news.” The actor explained he had a very tough weekend and was about to share something no one knew, including the crew.

Cannon proceeded to show the audience a picture of his son Zen before breaking down in tears. He then narrated his birth story and how excited he was to welcome his seventh child. 

The actor disclosed he noticed Zen had a “sinus cough like thing” and “interesting breathing.” He also saw the size of the baby’s head but didn’t think anything was wrong since all his kids have nice round heads.

Cannon revealed they had Zen’s Sinuses checked out, and the doctors said they were okay. However, they discovered their baby had another condition called hydrocephalus days later. He further explained:

“His head was starting to get big. When we found out it was more, they called it a malignant tumor in his head. Immediately, we had to have surgery. Brain surgery.”

The doctors put a shunt in the baby’s head, hoping he would survive. Afterward, everything seemed fine, and Zen even started playing with his siblings. However, things took a different turn around Thanksgiving; the tumor began to grow a lot faster.

With no solution in sight, Cannon and Scott decided to make the most of the little time their child had left by spending quality time with him. So they went to the ocean, where Cannon held his son for the last time.

Cannon also praised Scott for the strength she exhibited during the difficult period. The Tv host declared:

“Alyssa was just the strongest woman I have ever seen. Never had an argument, never was angry. She was emotional when she needed to be but was always the best mom and continues to be the best mom possible.”

He also thanked his entire family for their support before dedicating the show to his son. Cannon then tasked the audience to hug, kiss, and tell their family how much they love them.

Nick Cannon Is Expecting Eight Child

On January 31, 2022, during an episode of “The Nick Cannon Show,” the actor announced he was expecting a child with Bre Tiesi. The news comes weeks after he lost his son Zen to brain cancer.

Cannon revealed he previously held off announcing the news to respect the grieving process with Scott. However, the actor had to clear the air after pictures of him, and Bre attending a baby shower turned up on social media. According to him:

“I didn’t know what to say when I was dealing with Zen or to hold off. Even now, I wasn’t planning to talk about it because it came out yesterday. We wanted to, you know, hold on as long as we could, but it happened. We here, and I’m with my family.”

Nick Cannon is Considering Vasectomy 

During an appearance on E! News’ “Daily Pop,” Nick told hosts Justin Sylvester and Loni Love that he would stop having babies after the expected arrival of his eighth child. Although he has found purpose in fatherhood, the actor doesn’t want more kids.

Nick revealed he isn’t looking to populate the earth with lots of kids and already had a vasectomy consultation. However, he is committed to taking care of and loving his children.

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