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Here Is All You Need To Know About Matt Damon’s Wife Luciana Barroso

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Although she is married to a Hollywood star, Matt Damon’s wife, Lucianna Barroso, is hardly in the news.  Here are some details about her.

Matt Damon is one of very few actors in the entertainment industry who can claim to be a global superstar. Besides being worth almost $200 million, the actor’s works have also grossed an enormous amount of money. 

Matt Damon's Wife Luciana
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Yet, during his early 30s, at the height of his career, Matt had everything except a partner. At a point, the “Bourne Identity” star even thought maybe marriage was not for him. 

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Yet, that all changed when he stumbled on a beautiful Argentinian lady with whom he fell in love. According to star: 

“I didn’t think it was going to happen for me. My brother found his soulmate very young; he’d just turned 26 when they were married. He’d been married for 10 years by the time I even met my wife, and I looked at this really happy, wonderful marriage and kind of went, ‘I guess that’s not going to happen for me.’ And then it did.”

However, who is Matt Damon’s stunning wife who made the heart of the most handsome actors in Hollywood hers? Here’s everything you need to know about Luciana Barroso. 

Luciana’s Early Life 

Not much information is available about Luciana Barroso’s childhood; however, the stunning beauty was born in Argentina. Before her marriage to the actor Matt Damon’s wife, Luciana was a single mother to her daughter Alexia. 

How Did Matt Damon Meet His Wife? 

As ‘how I met my wife stories go,’ Matt and Luciana’s tale is unique. In 2003, Matt was shooting the comedy “Stick On You,” in Miami when he and the crew checked into a nightclub. 

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After entering the club, Matt got recognized, and people came over for pictures and autographs. However, the bar became crowded after a while, and people became aggressive.  

Matt decided he needed an escape route and chose to hide behind the bar. Yet, besides seeking a little space between himself and the crowd, the actor has also caught sight of the beautiful bartender, Luciana. 

The actor tried talking to Luciana, but instead, she put him to work. She explained

“I said, ‘You know, if you’re going to be back here, you can’t just be standing there!’ He had trained as a bartender for a film years before, so he started making drinks. And he made me a ton of money in tips that night because of course, everyone wanted to go and see him.”

That encounter kick-started the couple’s relationship. The duo connected very well; it was easy to talk, and they felt comfortable being together. Afterward, Matt and Luciana’s relationship developed into something concrete. 

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Matt and Luciana’s Marriage 

Matt and Luciana’s engagement became public knowledge in 2005 after the couple’s representative confirmed the news. The lovebirds eventually tied the knot months after their engagement. 

Matt Damon's Wife Luciana
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The couple got married in a private ceremony in New York City. Luciana’s daughter from her previous relationship, Alexia, was also present at the event. Eight years after their intimate marriage, the couple renewed their vows on the island of St. Lucia. 

This time around, the duo had about 50 guests present at the occasion, including Matt’s long-time pal Ben Affleck. According to reports, the duo had always wanted to celebrate their union with friends and family after their first private one. 

The Couple’s Children

Besides Matt Damon’s wife’s daughter from her previous relationship Alexia, they are also parents to three daughters. The duo welcomed their first child, daughter Isabella in 2006. Their second child Gia was born in 2018, followed by Stella in 2010.

Matt Damon's wife and children
Image: Pinterest

Regarding fatherhood, Matt explained that the presence of his daughters makes his heart full all the time. Although he never expected to be surrounded by girls, he loved the experience. 

The actor also revealed he gets a lot of stick from his daughter, Isabella, who is also one of the funniest people he knows. However, the other two, Gia and Stella, are a bit easier on him, and the actor gets to spend some time with them. 

Matt also takes his daughters on trips because his mother took him to Mexico and Guatemala while he was young, and those trips influenced him positively. 

Matt Damon and His Wife’s Strong Relationship 

In contrast to most Hollywood marriages, Matt and Luciana’s relationship has lasted almost two decades. The duo’s relationship is now one of the longest in Hollywood. Recently, fans spotted the couple taking a walk on the streets of New York.  The pair looked like they were enjoying the weather as they strolled around. 

Luciana spotted beige linen pants, a loose white t-shirt, and a mint green brim. She also had some jewelry and dark shades on. Meanwhile, Matt wore a black t-shirt, shorts, vans, and a baseball cap. The couple looked right at home on the streets of New York after only moving to the state last summer.

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