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Home Entertainment After so Many Blockbusters to Her Name, Here Is Why Cameron Diaz Left Hollywood

After so Many Blockbusters to Her Name, Here Is Why Cameron Diaz Left Hollywood

After so Many Blockbusters to Her Name, Here Is Why Cameron Diaz Left Hollywood

Cameron Diaz stood tall for years as the ideal representation of Hollywood success. Her acting career lasted almost two decades before the legend chose to leave the spotlights behind her, leaving fans distraught.

Former American actress Cameron Diaz made a name for herself in the entertainment industry, having several blockbusters in her name. Therefore, the Hollywood legend’s decision to quit the industry in 2016 came as a shock to many. More heartbreaking was that the grand exit came while the former actress was at the peak of her career.

Several years later, the actress’s works in the movie industry are testaments of how talented she was. Why then would such a promising star choose to turn her back on a successful career?


The former Hollywood star, Cameron Diaz, born in 1972, made her screen debut at sixteen, as a model. She did ad campaigns for top-companies like Coca-Cola and Calvin Klein. Before long, she snagged her first acting gig, with a part in “The Mask” at 21.

Cameron Diaz | Image: YouTube/Access
Cameron Diaz | Image: YouTube/Access

Through her remarkable acting prowess, Cameron Diaz’s career in acting set off smoothly. She landed lead roles in several movies, including blockbusters like “Charlie’s Angels,” and its 2003 sequel, “Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle.”

Other movie appearances, which made her a highly sought-after actress, and one of the highest-paid include “Vanilla Sky,” “Bad Teacher,” “The Other Woman,” and “Annie.” 

Diaz earned several awards and achievements for her works, easily making her one of the most decorated actresses.


With so much achievement, no one expected the icon to abandon her life in the spotlights and opt for a more solo one. Sadly, she did, without a backward glance. Over the years, many have tried to come up with probable reasons for her exit. 

Cameron Diaz and her Husband, Benji Madden | Image: YouTube/Access
Cameron Diaz and her Husband, Benji Madden | Image: YouTube/Access

Diaz has addressed the issue openly, stating that she quit acting because she was fed up with traveling to different locations for shooting. During a 2020 appearance on “In Gossip Health: The Session,” the star threw more light on her early retirement saying:

“It’s so intense to work at that level and be that public and put yourself out there.”

After struggling to accept the overwhelming energy that comes with stardom as normal, she finally realized she wasn’t cut out for it. Diaz recounted how she stopped one day to look back at her life and realized she spent the last few decades living for other people and not herself. 


She needed to change that, and retirement seemed the best possible option. Cameron Diaz left Hollywood in 2016, confirming her decision was irrevocable during an interview the next year. Notably, the movie legend’s role as Miss Colleen in 2014’s “Annie” marked her last acting role.

Cameron Diaz as Miss Cullin in 2015s "Annie" | Image: YouTube/FTZ
Cameron Diaz as Miss Cullin in 2015s “Annie” | Image: YouTube/FTZ

Since leaving the industry, Diaz admittedly has never had a moment of regret. Instead, her life took a new turn, and she found the long sought-out answer. She explained:

A Peace. I got peace in my soul because I finally was taking care of myself.”

Cameron Diaz’s husband. Benji Madden, whom she married in 2015, helped her through her transition from the spotlights into normalcy. Today, The pair are parents to a daughter, Raddix Madden, born in 2019.


Although Cameron Diaz’s movies earned her critical recognition, a lot about her life off-the-screen remains unknown. Aside from being a happily married mother of one, the one-time teen model has a lot more going, including being a passionate environmental activist.

Another thing fans might have missed about the actress is her Cuban, German and Italian ancestry. Diaz’s American genes may be evident in her films. Still, there’s no denying that her mom descended from a line of Native American, Italian and German ancestors while her dad was Cuban-American.

Growing up with her parents in Long Beach, California, the icon attended the Long Beach Polytechnic High School alongside rapper Snoop Dogg. Diaz once revealed she and the rapper were classmates, adding that she used to patronize him for weed.

Interestingly, while pursuing her education, taking up a career in acting was never her ambition. Rather, the “Charlie’s Angels” star always wanted to be a zoologist, an ultimate dream she was yet to fulfill. In addition, she was an unapologetic lover of surfing despite breaking her nose in a surfing accident in 2003.

Notwithstanding her love for surfing, the activity does not take the place of her favorite sport. In 2011, while gracing the covers of “Maxim” magazine, Diaz disclosed that sex was her favorite sport.

Cameron Diaz, now 47 and happily married, chooses to avoid public attention even at the cost of shying away from utilizing social media. It seems indeed, that the former actress has no intention of reliving her life of stardom ever again. Way to keep a low profile!