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Actress Jennette McCurdy did not Return for “iCarly” Reboot: Here’s Why

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Jennette McCurdy became a teen idol after playing Sam Puckett on “iCarly” for seven years, but behind the fame, McCurdy had a weird relationship with her TV character. And it just might be the reason she did not return for the show’s reboot. 

Sam Puckett was the funny “iCarly” star who perpetually bullied Freddie Benson. It is safe to say that Jeanette McCurdy perfectly played the role which left sweet memories in the now-grown kids who loved Nickelodeon. 

McCurdy played Sam Puckett for the six seasons that “iCarly” aired and reprised the role alongside Ariana Grande in its spin-off, “Sam & Cat.” Despite the fame, Sam brought to McCurdy’s teenage self, the memories of the character have left her feeling ashamed since then, and here’s why.

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Jennette McCurdy now
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Where’s Jennette McCurdy Now?

The end of “iCarly” in 2014 was not the end of Jennette McCurdy’s career in TV shows. The actress moved to the show’s spin-off, “Sam & Cat,” while her fellow star, Miranda Cosgrove (Carly Shay) went to college. 

McCurdy continued to be a Nickelodeon star for one year on “Sam & Cat” but left due to some salary dispute. She went on to create her own web series, “What’s Next For Sarah?” which was based on her personal life.

She, however, released only a few episodes before moving on to star on Netflix’s “Between.” McCurdy’s script on “Between” lasted two seasons before the show was canceled. After the Netflix show was canceled, she decided to focus on writing and directing.  

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The Negative Side To Playing Sam Puckett

Without a doubt, playing Sam Puckett on “iCarly” was the topper on McCurdy’s childhood career, and it also helped plunge her into the spotlight as an adult. However, the former TV actress has shared that the character meant something less desirable to her. 

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Once speaking on her “Empty Inside” podcast, McCurdy reflected on the downside of being a child star and playing Sam. She shared that the character was different from her real-life personality in its entirety.

And because it circumvented a good part of her career, her personality as Jennette McCurdy was overshadowed. The 29-year-old revealed that she felt “unfulfilled” by playing that role and some others. 

She divulged that she felt embarrassed by her TV roles and she did not like the projects she was a part of. McCurdy also stated that she “resented” her career in “a lot of ways.” 

Jennette McCurdy now
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She Quit Acting

As an adult, McCurdy’s career caused her anxiety and made her “ashamed” that she decided she would stop acting. While on the podcast, McCurdy opened up that she never liked acting.

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The star shared that her mom put her to it when she was six, and by the time she was ten years old, McCurdy became the major earner in her family. Despite the rare sass she displayed on TV, McCurdy was always nervous. 

However, her decision to stop acting came to fruition following her mom’s death. The Los Angeles native revealed that her mom’s passing also caused the death of many ideas for her life. 

The former actress shared that after deciding to quit, many thought it wasn’t the best decision. She noted that “walking away was really difficult,” but it was something she had to do. McCurdy shared that it was the ideal decision for her mental health and “overall peace.”

Why McCurdy Is Not On “iCarly” Reboot 

Fans of “iCarly” were briefed of the show’s reboot in 2021, and two seasons of the 2007 franchise also aired on Netflix. However, it was a bit sad that a few characters were missing. 

Stars like Noah Munck and Jennette McCurdy were not cast in the Paramount+ reboot that started airing in June 2021. And with this information came some buzz from fans who longed to see the two reprise their roles.

While there seemed to be no response from Munck’s end, McCurdy’s representative shared that she had so much on her hands. McCurdy was said to be working on her book, which was sold to Simon & Schuster, while she also worked on bringing back her one-woman show to the stage. 

McCurdy has not completely ruled out the possibility of returning to acting, but for now, she preferred to stick to her “point of view.” The actress also looked forward to what the future holds in a few years.

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