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5 Outfits to Wear to Your Boat Adventures This Summer

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Summer is near, and there’s no better way to enjoy it than having various boat adventures, either alone or with a loved one. This isn’t the time to wear suits or fancy dresses. It’s the perfect time to throw on your most comfortable outfit and be free! Trust me, your choice of outfit can either make or mar your boat experience, so choose wisely. As you prepare for your boat adventures, pick outfits that aren’t only comfortable but also perfect for the marine environment. Knitwear or striped sleeveless tees—the list is unending.

people on a boat cruise
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Don’t forget to take a stylish cover-up to protect you from the sun and breeze. Non-slip footwear is also necessary for safety. If you’re not sure what outfit is best for your adventure, read on for brilliant ideas!

Knitted Wears

Knitted wear might not be your first choice when picking outfits for your beach adventure. This is because knitted wear is mainly associated with winter. However, this piece of clothing is as perfect for summer as it is for winter. As a lady, you can choose to get a crocheted flirtatious gown with circles for when the sun sets.

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A knitted gown
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On the other hand, the guys can go with a full zipper knitted sweater that can be worn when it gets chilly or removed when it gets sunny. Furthermore, if you’re thinking of a bathing suit cover-up or an oversized sweater, you can find your choice perfectly knitted. You can style this fit with trendy sunglasses or nice non-slip shoes. 

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Striped outfits are perfect for any occasion. You can never go wrong with a striped sleeveless tee when you’re on a boat adventure. This outfit can be worn with Bermuda shorts or linen pants. 

A striped shirt
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The best-striped tees are usually the black-and-white duo. If you don’t want to look basic, you can pair it with a bold-coloured outfit or chunky pieces of jewellery for the ladies.

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Free & Flowing Button Down

This is one of the underrated styles for boat adventures. It’s simple yet elegant. You can wear an oversized button-down over your bathing suit or pair it with nice trendy jeans for a better style. The jeans don’t have to be long; they can be short pants.

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Free button down dress
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Also, rather than wearing a single-color oversized button-down shirt, you can add some flair by wearing a fun pattern shirt.

Linen Pants

If you don’t mind being exposed to the chilly weather when you’re on your adventure, you can go for linen pants. Linen Pants are very light and comfortable. You can easily pair it with a fitted tank top or tube top. 

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linen pants
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Also, you don’t need to bother about being irritated by a wet outfit after jumping into water because linen pants dry easily.

Bermuda Shorts

Bermuda shorts are definitely for the it-girls. If you’d love to look classy but not too overdressed for your adventure, these shorts are exactly what you need.

Bermuda shorts
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Bermuda shorts can be paired with an oversized button-down shirt or a bralette.

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Underrated Accessories

Aside from throwing on the perfect outfit for your boat adventures, there are other necessary items. Below are a few:

Hat and Sunglasses

When it gets sunny while on your boat adventures, the best accessories to have by your side are polarised sunglasses or a hat. 

Woman wearing a hat and sunglasses
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You would need these accessories because the sun’s glare, when reflected on the water, is potent, and you’d need something to shield your eyes.

Sunscreen and Towel

Remember, you’re going to have fun, and your skin doesn’t have to get harmed in the process. So, while on your boat adventures, having sunscreen with a high SPF that you can use after two hours is necessary. 

sunscreen and towel
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Non-slip Footwear

When on a boat adventure, falling or slipping isn’t allowed. You can’t afford to look good and ruin it by slipping while having a good time. 

non-slip footwear
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To protect your feet from sharp objects on the boat or from slipping while on the boat, it’s advisable to wear footwear that has non-slip soles.

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