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15 Taylor Swift Songs That Were About an Ex

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For years, Taylor Swift’s songs have captured hearts in more ways than one. The singer’s penchant for giving fans an insight into her love life through her music has set her apart, with the majority of her tracks inspired by her boyfriends and breakups.

Record-breaking singer Taylor Swift is set to make history again, with the release of her album, “Folklore,” which became an instant hit within days of its release. “Folklore” seems to take a different dimension from most of her previous songs, as it deviates slightly from her conventional love-themed albums.

In addition to the slight deviation, the quarantine-inspired album took a jab at her previously-released collections, which somehow gives the public a glimpse into her life, more specifically, her romantic affairs.

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Over the years, most of Taylor Swift’s songs have been inspired by her romantic interests, breakups, and past loves. Her previous album, “Lovers,” did justice to that, with eighteen hit tracks, adding to the long list of boyfriend-motivated songs by Swift.

Wondering which of Taylor Swift’s love songs she dedicated to a romantic male figure? Here is a list of the fifteen most glaring.


The singer couldn’t be more obvious with her choice of song title in this hit from her “1989” album. The song, undoubtedly inspired by Taylor Swift’s ex, Harry Styles, whom she dated between 2012 and 2013, featured a male love interest who not-at-all-coincidentally looked like Harry Styles.


The song “Death By A Thousand Cuts” from Swift’s 2019 album, “Lovers,” referenced writing pages of a love story long after the romance ended. Many believed the singer referred to her ex-lover, John Mayer, whom she began dating in 2009. Their story together ended in 2010.

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Another jab at Harry Styles, “I Knew You Were Trouble” from the album, “Red,” captured the love life of Swift and Styles. If it was not glaring enough, Taylor Swift’s rendition of the track at the Grammys confirmed the speculation. The singer notoriously mimicked Styles’s British accent during the performance.


John Mayers inspired another song from his ex-girlfriend. Her reflection of the age difference between the love pair in the track, “Dear John” from her “Speak Now” album affirmed the connection.


Jake Gyllenhaal and Taylor Swift once shared a romantic relationship in passing. Their short-lived affair came with some sort of controversy. Notably, Gyllenhaal was at the time linked romantically to two other stars, Rachel Bilson and Anna Kendrick. Therefore, when Swift dropped her “The Last Time” track from the “Red” album, crooning her desire to be atop her lover’s list, it could only have meant one thing.


Another hit inspired by Jake Gyllenhaal following their three-month romance in 2010. The songstress made no attempt to keep the track’s message a secret, donning a bracelet and a scarf gifted her by Gallenhamp. Swift also made reference to their one-time breakup for one month and eventual reconciliation before going their separate ways for good.

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In her 2009 single, “Forever And Always” from the “Fearless” album, Taylor Swift referenced the legendary 27-seconds breakup. Swift dropped the track shortly after her ex, Joe Jonas called it quits over a phone call that lasted 27 seconds.


Her song, “Mine,” was admittedly dedicated to “Glee” star Cory Monteith. The pair dated only a few weeks in 2010, but their love was almost heading down the aisle within those short weeks. The singer admitted in an interview shortly after the track’s release that she wrote the song to a love interest whom she thought she would have married.


“Begin Again” reflects on comparing a current love interest to an ex. The actress dropped the song in 2012, while she was romantically involved with Conor Kennedy. Before moving on to Kennedy, Swift was months out of her relationship with Harry Styles.


Taylor Swift’s relationship with “Twilight” star, Taylor Lautner, ended before it even began. The music artist dumped the actor despite their shared good moments.

The track, “Back To December” details bumping into an ex after dumping him, and seemingly regretting the decision, and apologizing. In a later interview, Lautner admitted he knew the song was about him.


This list would not be complete without Swift’s debut single, “Tim McGraw,” which she released at fifteen. The song spoke about two lovers whose relationship ended after the guy went off to college.

Coincidentally, Taylor Swift’s romance with her high school lover, Branden Borello, ended after the latter left for college.


“Fifteen” doesn’t outrightly speak about a love interest. However, professional footballer, Branden Borello also gets the credit for this one since the pair dated when Taylor Swift was only fifteen!


Swift’s track, “Teardrops On My Guitar” from her self titled album, “Taylor Swift,” undoubtedly referenced her high school crush. She mentioned his name, Drew Hardwick, in the song’s lyrics, confirming the intended message.


Also, from the “Taylor Swift” album, “Picture To Burn” seemed like a jab at another high school love interest, Jordan Alford. Swift’s former classmates later confirmed that the lyrics, as well as the music video made several references to the Swift-Alford love affair.


Following Joe Jonas’s infamous breakup from Smith, he forged ahead with actress Camilla Belle. Her song, “Better Than Revenge,” was about actresses and vintages, which many believed were a reference to the actress’s affair with Jonas.

Prior to the track’s release, the singer implied in an interview that Camilla Belle came between her and Joe Jonas’s relationship.

There you have it! So next time Taylor Swift’s track seems to appeal directly to you, think real-life situations!

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