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10 of the Greatest Kardashian-Jenner Family Photoshop Fails Over the Years

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The Kardashians uphold an aura of feminine perfection, and to live to this reputation, photoshops are like second nature. However, sometimes there are photoshop fails that piss fans off. 

The Kardashian clan built an enduring entertainment empire from putting their private lives on TV and the reinvention of what beauty means and its standards. So it is safe to say that the ladies are certified trendsetters, but several times, with the help of photoshops. 

The Kardashians have been known for the act of fine-tuning their photos before sharing on social media, but sometimes, they fail to be experts, and fans can’t help but notice the glitches. Here’s a look through some of the times the Kardashians fell from “photoshop grace.”

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The Kardashians
Image: Pinterest

Khloe’s New Face

Khloe called attention to a post she made on May 22, 2020, where she shared a beautiful headshot. In the image, the blonde bombshell wore a big smile while her eyes twinkled.

However, fans were bothered that she looked different from many other photos. Many felt Khloe was not the one in the photo. Other followers thought it would be better without all the photoshopping. 

Kourtney’s Sexy Time In Bathtub

In 2019, Kourtney put up a ritzy post showing her bask in her beauty hour. In the snapshot, the mom-of-three looked flawless, laying in a tub with her face turned to the camera. 

Kourtney posed for the camera, thrusting her hips to one side with her legs crossed over each other. The photo was met with criticism as fans thought it was not possible for Kourtney’s knees to look as low as they did.  

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Khloe’s Many Faces

Khloe has always been a fan of Facetune, and she has never hidden it. Once speaking to Chelsea Handler, Khloe shared that Facetune was life-changing. However, critics were not too pleased after she shared a stunning headshot post that made her face look thinner. 

She had made it an Ariana Grande-inspired look, but fans were merely concerned about how the edited photo made her look like CGI. 

Kim’s Snake-themed Photoshoot

In May 2021, the mom-of-four flaunted a whole new look photoshoot trend as she glammed up in snakeskin. Kim’s semi-nude shoot showed her facing the wall with her back to the camera.

She had nothing on except a bandeau style wrap around her chest, while her lower body was wrapped in snakeskin loincloth. The KKW founder’s hair was also styled with the snakeskin on her body. She also had her nails done in the same fashion. However, eagle-eyed fans did not let the trendy queen off the hook. 

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They noticed the TV personality’s nails seemed to appear on the camouflage-looking hair as though she ran her fingers through it. But, in retrospect, Kim’s hands were up the wall, which caused confusion. Fans also noticed that her shadow looked fatter than her real image. 

Kylie’s “Snatched” Waist 

The youngest of the Kardashian-Jenner Clan and definitely one of the richest, Kylie did not escape the scrutiny of media fashion watchers. In an April 2021 post, the star went all mellow yellow on Instagram, where she bared her curves to the delight of thousands of fans. 

However, while she received praises in the comment section, something was not quite right, and a TikTok user noticed. The young lady shared a TikTok where she zoomed into Kylie’s snapshot and showed the lopsided shape of the curtains close to her hips. The dent-like shape on the curtain was proportionate to Kylie’s protruding hips in such a way that screamed photoshopped. 

The Kardashians
Image: Pinterest

Was Kourtney’s Head Photoshopped? 

During a family get-together in Tahoe, California, the Kardashians posed for a warm family picture where everyone looked sunny and all smiles. However, Kourtney’s smile looked to be from a different time and place. Her head seemed to have been placed on her body, and fans did not put it past the photoshop-notorious family.

Kim’s 2020 Kicked Off With A Mirror Error

Kim’s January 23, 2020 post on Instagram was a mirror selfie with ex-husband Kanye West. In the photo, everything looked slanted, and this made it distasteful to fans. Kim’s physique maintained the hourglass perfection often portrayed, but other parts of the mirror selfie looked out of place. 

Kendall’s Strap Mishap

Kendall was the focus of this episode of the family’s photoshop fail. During Kim’s extravagant 40th birthday, the Kardashians, including Rob, heartily posed for the camera. 

Khloe later shared the photo on her Instagram page, noting that she would have loved to photoshop the image. However, she shared that she could not because she believed it was already fine-tuned. Her caption probably tipped fans off because they wasted no time noticing how the strap in Kendall’s dress seemed to have been wiped off. 

Khloe’s Head Caused A Fuss

Khloe spiced up her style in one of her media updates, where she donned a shiny outfit that clung to her shape and accentuated her rounded, plump bum. After the photos made rounds on Instagram, many clamped down on how her head appeared bigger than every part of her body. 

Kris’s Photoshop Fail

For little Chicago’s February 22, 2022 birthday, Kris called attention to herself, albeit unwanted. The star momager shared well-wishes for her grandchild and posted a picture of Chicago and her mom, Kim. However, it appeared lit was unedited, but before she could swiftly take it down, some netizens already noticed. 

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