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Inside the $10 Million House Nicki Minaj Shares With Her Husband and Son

Nicki Minaj resides in an extravagant house located in the heart of Los Angeles, along with two of her most favorite people.

Nicki Minaj’s status as the Queen of rap has made her life a public spectacle. Yet, she manages to maintain some normalcy by keeping some personal details about herself private.

While her son’s name remains her best-kept secret, other interesting details about the star have eluded the public over the years. Ranking among these is her place of residence.

Notably, the icon never shies away from sharing sneak peeks into her home via social media posts or videos of herself being a doting mom to her son nicknamed Papa Bear.

These posts, coupled with rare home tours she has granted few outlets have given fans an idea of just how lavish the rapstress could be when it came to designing her dream home.

While we can’t pinpoint her precise house address, here’s a glimpse into the lavish Los Angeles property where Nicki Minaj nurtures her growing family.

Where Does Nicki Minaj Live?

Nicki Minaj resides in a lavish house in the Flats area of Los Angeles, California. The property, which she reportedly moved into sometime in 2019 after putting up her previous apartment for rent also houses her husband, Kenneth Petty, and their one-year-old son.

The gated entrance to Nicki Minaj's house in the Flats of Los Angeles, California | image: YouTube/Famous Entertainment
The gated entrance to Nicki Minaj’s house in the Flats of Los Angeles, California | image: YouTube/Famous Entertainment

It is unclear if the house belongs to the star or her husband. However, we do know she owns at least one property, reportedly acquired on lease. It is located in the heart of Beverly Hills, a walking distance from her new abode.

A Glimpse Into Nicki Minaj’s LA House

A tour of Nicki Minaj’s LA property reveals six bedrooms and eight bathrooms, located in 7000 square feet of land. She has given fans glimpses of this luxurious property in numerous snaps on social media.

In one of her posts, Nicki Minaj showed off her extravagant kitchen in a series of snaps of herself posing in a yellow one-piece bikini and pointy heels.

The kitchen boasts a lavish display of China wares set on a white, glass-fronted cabinet. It also has wooden floors, stainless steel appliances, and white wooden paneling lining the lower half of the wall.

The songstress also gave fans several glimpses of her grand entrance hall, which features a set of wooden double doors framed with carved glass panels, and a breath-taking marble floor. 

The Living Room

Nicki Minaj spared no expense in designing the exquisite living room of her Los Angeles house, which flaunts high ceilings. It also boasts of floor-to-top ceiling windows overlooking the garden.

Nicki Minaj's Living Room | image: YouTube/Famous Entertainment
Nicki Minaj’s Living Room | image: YouTube/Famous Entertainment

Adding a touch of coziness to the astonishing display, the star included a window seat on one side. The seat seamlessly blends into the surrounding white walls with a wooden lower half.

The 10 feet windows offered a view of the breath-taking exteriors flattered with an arrangement of shrubs and greeneries.

Additionally, it has a built-in fireplace, an arrangement of cozy furniture, and top-of-the-art electronic gadgets. It overlooks a magnificent dining room.

The Bedrooms

Nicki Minaj’s house boasts of more high windows alternating with sturdy white walls and an arrangement of gold sculptures. The enticing interiors gave the home a unique-looking feel.

A gold sculpture in Nicki Minaj's LA property | image: YouTube/Famous Entertainment
A gold sculpture in Nicki Minaj’s LA property | image: YouTube/Famous Entertainment

A dramatic flight of stairs leads up to another floor, which houses the “Anaconda” star’s master suite. The master bedroom contains a luxurious bathroom and two giant walk-in closets, plus auxiliary working space.

The master bedroom in Nicki Minaj's LA property | image: YouTube/Famous Entertainment
The master bedroom in Nicki Minaj’s LA property | image: YouTube/Famous Entertainment

Another extravagant suite located upstairs is also as large and contains more lavish decors.

The Unbelievable Exteriors

The luxury home in Los Angeles boasts of a built-in plant family room, which closes into a casual eating area. This thoughtful inclusion overlooks the large swimming pool, separated by floor-to-ceiling walls made out of glass panels.

A casual eating area overlooking the pool in Nicki Minaj’s house | image: YouTube/Famous Entertainment

The swimming pool area comes equipped with a spa and an impressive layout, wide and lavish enough for entertaining.

A few feet from the pool area lies a detached guest house, which boasts of the same luxurious setting. The guest house also has its own set of amenities to give any guest lucky enough to grace it a taste of heaven.

The detached guest house in Nicki Minaj's LA property | image: YouTube/Famous Entertainment
The detached guest house in Nicki Minaj’s LA property | image: YouTube/Famous Entertainment

Inside Nicki Minaj’s Former Home In Beverly Hills

Before moving into her current house, Nicki Minaj resided in a similarly lavish mansion in Beverly Hills along with rapper Meek Mill.

Notably, Mill moved out of the property following his breakup with the crooner. The 11 bathroom property notably sat on the former site of Frank Sinatra’s home.

The Mediterranean-style home, located in a gated community contained a five-car garage. It also had a two-story entrance leading into the living room.

The home also flaunted a formal dining area, several family rooms, and a massive kitchen sporting an impressive breakfast nook.

Nicki Minaj’s Beverly Hills property | image: YouTube/Famous Entertainment

Upstairs, the raper’s Beverly Hills property housed seven bedrooms with a private terrace and a balcony. Two more bedrooms and a shared bathroom are located downstairs.

Finally, her former abode had an extravagant guest house, connected to the main house through a balcony on the second floor.

While the star successfully kept her previous stomping ground private for a while, she was forced to move out following a burglary.

She also kept the location of her LA abode under wraps for a while. However, that changed after her husband, Petty was forced to register as a sex offender in connection to a rape incident in 1995. 

By implication, he listed his home address in the sex offender registry to avoid a 10-year jail sentence. Thus, once again, the privacy in Nicki Minaj’s little world became distorted.

These days, the icon is focused on nurturing her family comprising her husband, Kenneth Petty, and their son, whose name remains a mystery.

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