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10 Charming Celebrity Christmas Traditions That You Should Emulate For The Holidays

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Family Christmas traditions are warm details that define how everyone beautifully views the season, and stars like Carrie Underwood, Kelly Ripa, and Miley Cyrus never forget to indulge in their unique traditions.

The year has gone full circle, and the lovers of Christmas are brewing at the seams to “deck the halls” with all things lovely and radiant. While millions celebrate the yuletide in high spirit and a touch of holiday magic, the celebrations often vary across mindsets and families.

Fans and celebrities alike have devised their own wholesome meanings attached to the holiday season. And with it comes various ideas of celebration that appeal to them. Check out some inspiring celebrities’ family Christmas traditions.

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Kate Hudson 

The star actress has shared that for her, Christmas means togetherness. Hudson sees the festive period as the time to be with her family uninterrupted. The “Something Borrowed” actress shared that she loves “a party,” and having people gathered together and happy. 

Kelly Ripa

Ripa and her spouse, Mark Consuelos, revel in the yuletide with their children, Lila, Michael Hr. And Joaquin. Ripa has revealed that they often gather together, attend mass on Christmas and cook at home.

However, amid the outbreak of the novel coronavirus last year, the “Live!” anchor and her loved ones stayed at home and attended mass via Zoom. She noted that another family Christmas tradition was to make her grandmother’s spritz. 

Reese Witherspoon

Reese Witherspoon and her family members delight themselves in making the most of Christmas. Witherspoon once shared that she enjoys making gingerbread houses and mostly getting a fill of candy during the holiday in an Instagram post. 

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Miley Cyrus

The one Christmas tradition that had made the most part of the star singer’s celebration is the mornings she spends with her dad Billy Ray Cyrus.

Since childhood, Miley has enjoyed this dad-daughter moment. Miley shared that on the morning of Christmas, she and Billy would play football. 

Carrie Underwood

An adorable detail in Underwood’s Christmas tradition is the mother-son bond she has with her oldest son, Isaiah. The “Some Hearts” crooner shared last December that she and Isaiah often decorated their Christmas tree together. 

Underwood added that it had become perpetual because she once hung some ornaments without Isaiah, and he was not so pleased. Isaiah often lent a helping hand in the kitchen, and they would make his great-grandmother’s recipe that was passed down.

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Chrissy Teigen

Chrissy Teigen and John Legend’s family often stay in on Christmas day. Teigen revealed to Today that Christmas is a lazy day in her household. The cookbook author and celebrity chef never indulge in cooking on Christmas; instead, her family orders festive food and goes to the movies. 

Joanna Gaines

The Yuletide period is when Joanna Gaines gets to let her hair down and pause her role as boss of Magnolia. Gaines has shared that her family often began their celebrations weeks before Christmas. 

They never miss out on the tradition of getting in the car and going tree-shopping. The “Fixer Upper” family also indulges in hot cups of cocoa while they decorate the tree. She added that her family’s tradition is to decorate two trees every year, with defined themes and personalities. 

Jessica Alba And Cash Warren 

Jessica Alba and her spouse do not exclude the extended family from their Christmas tradition. Alba told Instyle in a 2015 interview that her parents would often come over to her home, and her dad would make his special turkey meal. Alba relayed that he would make two recipes, spicy and classy. 

Blake Lively

The “Gossip Girl” actress made it known to US Magazine that she often went all out on Christmas day, making a feast. Lively would make a 12-course meal because it was “hard to pick a favorite” meal. However, Lively loves her sweet potato casserole. 

Katie Holmes

Holmes has shared that there is a family Christmas tradition passed down in her family, and it started with her father. Holmes noted that their ceremony involved being physically active. Because everyone tended to laze around and eat a lot, Holmes’ dad started the Turkey Trot. This was a run around the local park, and the winner often earned a prize. 

Christmas is definitely the most beautiful time of the year and it’s a time to cherish loved ones, create new traditions and discard some old ones. So after combing through all these traditions, which one will you incorporate this holiday, and which one will you discard? Let us know!

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