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The Tragic Truth About Amy Winehouse’s Addiction Struggles

Amy Winehouse’s sterling music career burned bright and fast, and just at the peak of her career, the music star was seized by the clutches of addiction until her untimely death.

In less than a decade, music fans were introduced to and enraptured by the self-deprecating sounds and messages that Amy Winehouse delivered with her deep contralto voice.

Sadly the music maestro did not live past her twenties. Instead, Winehouse lost her life to the plagues of drug addiction and alcoholism. However, she keeps being remembered for her soulful music and how she never lived like a celebrity. 

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Inside Amy Winehouse’s Life Before Music 

Amy Winehouse, born a United Kingdom native, had an early introduction to drugs when her parents split up. According to her mother, Winehouse was always a rebel, and taking substances was an act of her rebellion.

The young Winehouse became interested in collecting tattoos on her skin, and she heavily smoked marijuana. However, her love and interest in music grew, and it was all she ever wanted to do. 

The “Rehab” crooner wrote confessional lyrics combining her talent as a soul singer with her love for jazz. Winehouse sang around London until she bagged a quick deal with Island Records.  

What Amy Winehouse’s Career Was Like

At the age of 20, Winehouse released her first album, “Frank,” which was an immediate success. The 2003 album spawned several hits that made it peak at No.3 on the British Billboard chart.

The album also signified the beginning of Winehouse’s fame, award recognitions, and financial security. The young adult bought a luxury apartment in Camden and also became further drawn to her substance use. 

“Mr. Magic,” which was the last track on “Frank,” was another huge success, and its content heavily hinted at Winehouse’s substance abuse and dependence on narcotics. 

Being a Camden residence fueled Winehouse’s drug use only because of its notoriety for drug dealers and punk musicians. The Grammy-winner frequented a local pub in Camden, and she indulged in alcohol.

It was at the pub that Winehouse met her husband, Blake Fielder-Civil, a drug addict himself. Her life further spiraled on a downward slope as Fielder-Civil introduced her to more drug use. 

Amy Winehouse
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Winehouse and Fielder-Civil Had A Chaotic Marriage 

Once speaking to The Times, Winehouse’s first manager, Nick Godwyn, described how much she changed after meeting Fielder-Civil. Godwyn explained that when he met Winehouse, she smoked marijuana and frowned on “A-class drugs.”

However, after meeting her husband, her addiction became uncontrollable. The “You Know I’m No Good” crooner explored more drug use, indulging in heroin and crack. The pair’s relationship was also tumultuous due to infidelity. 

In 2008, Winehouse had a significant breakdown that landed her in the ER. Fielder-Civil would later reveal that they binged drugs all day, and it zinged her out of reality. While Winehouse recovered from the health scare, Fielder-Civil could not forgive himself. He revealed:

“Amy got really upset about seeing me bleeding. And because she’s loyal and [expletive] up over our love — like Romeo and Juliet — she cut her arms too.”

The music video assistant, who started taking drugs at 22, stated that he knew better than to dabble it. Fielder-Civil described crack cocaine as the “nastiest drug” that often led to uneasiness and paranoia. 

He stated that his biggest mistake was taking the hard substance while Winehouse watched. The then 26-year-old added that he felt guilty for introducing her to drugs and self-harming. 

Amy Winehouse
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Winehouse Had A War Within Herself

Through the 2000s, Winehouse’s drug issues raged, and it threatened to tear down her impressive career. At a point, the music star cut down on her drug intake and relied heavily on alcohol. 

She had several breakdowns, and the press was constantly in her business, basically hounding her for all the excesses. Between 2008 to 2009, Winehouse dropped out of tours and performances.

She was also known to leave stages halfway, causing fans to be displeased. Yet, through all of these, Amy Winehouse did try to reclaim her life. Everyone advised her to enroll in rehab, which led to her phenomenal 2008 song, “Rehab.” 

Winehouse made several efforts, but they all led to a relapse. In 2011, the songstress made another attempt to go to rehab, and it was her final. While it was Winehouse’s last attempt at recovery, it was not the game-changer. 

Amy Winehouse’s final performance was in June 2011, in Belgrade, Serbia. It was damaging and only caused her to relapse again. On July 23, 2011, the A-list jazz singer was found dead in her unkempt apartment. Her death was ruled as accidental alcohol poisoning. 

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