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Renowned California Lesbian Couple Dies in Fatal Car Crash

Source: InterStarMedia/X
A picture of Peggy Moore and Hope Wood.
Source: InterStarMedia/X

In a statement of tragedy, two renowned political activists are dead. The North California resident who are a also a couple have passed away following an accident on the state highway. The accident resulted in demise of four individuals.

The couple Peggy Moore and Hope Wood were well known for their involvement in their Obama campaigns back in 2008. Moore and Wood met in 2008, during the campaign that shot them into the limelight.  At the time of the accident, Moore was 60 years old, while Wood was 48 years old.

On Friday, May 10, 2024, the well-known lesbian couple died in a crash following a collision with another car on California Highway 76. Although the crash occurred on May 10, 2024, it was not reported or confirmed until Tuesday, May 14, 2024.

According to reports, they were in a Jeep pickup truck along Moore Avenue when they crashed head-on with a Chrysler Sedan on Highway 76. The resulting crash led to the death of four people, including the two occupants of the sedan. The accident’s sole survivor was Moore’s aunt, who was seriously injured.

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The couple got married on Monday, July 29, 2013, after a regulation that prevented the marriage of same-sex couples was abolished. Family and friends attended the ceremony at Lake Merritt in Oakland, California.

The couple started their careers working as freelance consultants on a number of campaigns before starting their own company. In 2019, the couple started a consulting firm, Hope Action Change. The firm established a goal to encourage diversity in leadership positions across various organizations and firms. They describe it on the webpage as leadership grounded in love.”

On the company statement which is available on their website they spoke about the society inequality. Additionally, they assist marginalized women and individuals in navigating society’s margins, where welcome is scarce. 

They acknowledge the difficulties of their ambitions. However, they are hopeful for the future and what it holds. They founded HAC to help other individuals build and hold the ability to fulfill their hopes and dreams for the future.

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Moore worked as the manager for Libby Schaaf’s campaign, which Schaaf won. Schaaf appointed Moore as her senior adviser in 2014. Schaaf served as the mayor of Oakland from 2015 to 2023. Moore ran for a position on the Oakland city council, although she lost the election. 

She served as a general consultant for Diana Betcon’s successful district attorney campaign in Contra Costa County, Northern California. Along with her political career, she is one of the founders of Sistahs Steppin’ in Pride, a lesbian women’s event. 

In an interview, Schaaf recalled Moore lovingly stating that Moore contributed to her success as mayor. Moore was built with love, something Schaaf believes American democracy needs more of.

Wood has spent the last 20 years working as a political organizer in California and around the country. She was also a previous teaching fellow at the Harvard Kennedy School’s Leadership Organizing, Action: Leading Change course.

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Posting a message to X, Rep. Barbara Lee said that Moore and Wood were extraordinary women who dedicated their lives to equality and fairness. Additionally, Lee said that their principles brought them together and will be the legacy they leave behind. 

She extended her sympathy to their families and friends, acknowledging their devastation. Lee concluded by asking that we remember that we are all united by the job they did. A GoFundMe account has been created to help with their funeral expenses.

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