Saturday, December 4, 2021
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Naomi Osaka Might Be Considering An Indefinite Break From Tennis: Here’s Why

Tennis champion Naomi Osaka has shared some news concerning her tennis career. Osaka stated during her last US Open appearance that she might just opt for a tennis break.

Naomi Osaka made it to the news following her US Open match with 18-year-old Leylah Fernandez. Osaka struggled through the game that had Fernandez emerging as the winner after the third round. 

The match ended in a 7-5,6-7 (2), 4-6 score for each round, visibly affecting Osaka. During the press conference, the young world champion made some shocking revelations about how she felt about tennis. 

Osaka Says Her Mental Health is Affected

The sports star laid it bare during the conference noting that the sport was no longer giving her delightful feelings. Osaka relayed that when she wins, she only feels relief.

And when she loses a match, she feels awful. The young adult added that she did not think both bouts of emotions were normal. The champ continued her speech and broke into tears at a point.

The moderator tried ending the session, but Osaka insisted that she would get through with it. In essence, the 23-year-old mentioned that she did not know what to do about the situation yet. Osaka added that she might be considering an indefinite break.

Inside Her Last US Open Game

During the game with Fernandez at Arthur Ashe Stadium, Osaka expressed her frustration by smashing her racket a couple of times. Officials issued a warning, and after a round, the star exited the court with her towel over her head.

Osaka’s previous matches have been quite challenging for her as well. The first uproar came during the French Open at Roland Garros. At the time, Osaka declined to join a press conference and incurred a fine. 

The next time she played was the Japan Olympic Games, and she participated in the round of 16. During the French Open, Osaka took a break citing mental health struggles. The star revealed that she suffered bouts of anxiety.

Osaka On The Issue Mental Health 

During a recent interview, the four-time Grand Slam champion made it known that it was important for her to open up about her mental health so others could be comfortable discussing theirs.

Osaka shared that she never felt speaking up was something difficult, and all she wanted to do was express herself and be honest about her struggles. The youngster noted that being more open will lead to getting better help. 

The star who attended Met Gala with her boyfriend added that she was surprised by other people’s mental health issues. She has also received support from athletes including Simon Biles, Gabby Douglas and Michael Phelps. 

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