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Morgan Wallen Sparks Outrage After Cracking a Taylor Swift Attendance Joke

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A picture of Morgan Wallen and Taylor Swift
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It was epic when Morgan Wallen, a famous country singer, rocked the stage at Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis. With his fans going wild, Wallen was cracking jokes and boasting about his concerts smashing records. 

However, Wallen sparked a mixed reaction from the crowd when he mentioned Taylor Swift. Some fans cheered, but others weren’t too thrilled. Wallen did an excellent job calming things down and showing love for his fans.

The moment sparked a lot of online chatter. Let’s dive deeper into what happened and why it’s making waves.

Morgan Wallen Announced on Stage That His Concert Was the Most Attended Ever

Just before Morgan took the stage in Indianapolis, he got some exciting news. Organizers told him that his concert was the most attended ever at that venue. “They told me right before I walked on stage that this is the single most attended concert in the history of this building,” Morgan announced during the Indianapolis show.

Wallen further thanked his fans and told the exciting audience that they made history by doing it in just two nights in a row. “And that we’re the first people to do it two nights in a row, so thank you for making it possible for me to say that. Thank you for listening and loving this music,” Wallen said. 

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Morgan Wallen Sparks Outrage After He Made a Taylor Swift Joke

Taylor Swift is hardly ever alone in a crowded room, which is why Morgan Wallen cracked a joke about it. Even though his concerts at Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis on April 4 and 5 broke attendance records, he knew it wouldn’t last long.

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This is why he spoke about Swift, who is set to play at the stadium for three nights in November 2024 for her Eras Tour. “I’m gonna say that ’til Taylor Swift comes to town in the fall,” the singer said.

Even though the crowd started with laughter and cheers, they soon began booing. But Morgan shut it down real quick. “We ain’t gotta boo. We ain’t gotta boo,” he interjected before adding, “I appreciate that. I know you all got my back, though.”

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Taylor Swift Broke the Record for the Highest-Grossing Music Tour Ever

Those who have been to the Eras Tour can confirm how wild the crowd went. It’s been smashing records everywhere it goes. Taylor Swift already got a top nod for it at the end of 2023.

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However, in December 2023, Guinness World Records made it official. Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour broke the record for the highest-grossing music tour ever. The tour earned $1.04 billion in just nine months. Elton John’s farewell concert series held the previous record, but Swift snatched it away.

It’s not surprising that everyone is dying to catch Swift in action on the Eras Tour. Even other celebrities are trying to get in on the fun.

Celebrities Who Attended the Taylor Swift’s Era Tour Concert

Travis Kelce & Rita Ora attended Taylor Swift’s February 23, 2024, show in Sydney, Australia. “It’s fair to say Sydney always delivers,” Rita Ora captioned Instagram photos from the show, including a snap with Travis Kelce. “Or shall we say our TayTay @taylorswift always delivers!”

Source: ritaora/Instagram

Katy Perry also attended the February 23 concert in Australia. “Got to see an old friend shine tonight,” Katy Perry captioned footage from the concert on Instagram.

Also in attendance are Tom DeLonge & Rebel Wilson. The Blink-182 rocker, whose band was playing near Swift’s Sydney venue on the same day, and the Pitch Perfect alum hung out in the VIP tent.

The incredible actress Jessica Chastain attended Taylor Swift’s Era Tour concert in Mexico City. Chastain captioned the moment with friends in Mexico City, “Spamming u w really good @taylorswift Eras Tour content.”

Another talented actress, Lucy Hale, also attended Era Tour with friends. The “Pretty Little Liars” star attended with friends Morgan Pesante, Katie Greenthal, and Claire Leahy. “Omg??? @taylorswift putting on a show that was so good I can’t even process,” she wrote. “Nostalgic, empowering, and sparkly.”

Halsey, the “Bad at Love” singer, got in the spirit by making friendship bracelets to trade with fans during the last Los Angeles show. Some other major celebrities who have attended Taylor Swift’s Era Tour Include Chris Olen, Dylan Mulvaney, Spencer Pratt, Heidi Montag, Lupita Nyong’o, and Lauren Conrad. 

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There Is No Underlying Beef Between Morgan Wallen and Taylor Swift

Wallen wasn’t trying to start any drama or anything. As far as we know, there’s no bad blood between him and Taylor Swift. But it seems his fans might not be the same as Swifties.

Morgan Wallen did something similar to what Taylor Swift did earlier this year. He re-recorded some of his songs to get back at the owner of one of his masters. Taylor has been doing that with her “Taylor’s Version” recordings.

Wallen’s old collaborators released some unreleased tracks from his first EP earlier this year. The singer took matters into his own hands and made his own versions of those songs. He even told his fans that he didn’t stand by the quality of his work from the past.

Fans might not see the similarity between Wallen and Swift’s moves. Taylor Swift might not get the warmest reaction in “The Crossroads of America,” as people might have different tastes in music.

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