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Meet Bruno Mars’s Parents Who Helped Build His Career

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Bruno Mars owes a great part of his success to his parents, who directed his every step until he attained music stardom.

Coming from a family of singers, Bruno Mars easily made his way to the top in an industry that was not so welcoming of diverse cultures. To attain his musical success, the icon honed his vocal skills from childhood, making it a part of him.

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It isn’t surprising then that Mars made his childhood passion into a career. Notably, he has his parents to thank for his tremendous talent, as they each had their run in the music industry during their youth.

In Fact, Bruno Mars’ parents owe their meeting and resulting love story to music which has become the backbone upon which their beautiful family was built.

So who are his parents, and what do we know about them besides their impact on their son’s life and career?

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Who Are Bruno Mars’ Parents

Bruno Mars came into the world on October 8, 1985, to parents Peter Hernandez and Bernadette San Pedro Bayot.

At birth, he received the name Peter Gene Hernandez, named after his dad, but eventually embraced Bruno Mars as a stage name at the early stage of his career to seem more American.

Notably, Bruno Mars was one of six children born to his parents and grew up in Hawaii watching his parents perform. One thing the family of eight had in common was their passion for music, which Peter and Bernadette imbibed in their kids from a young age.

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Who Is Peter Hernandez?

Bruno Mars and Peter Hernandez | image: Pinterest
Image: Pinterest

Peter Hernandez is the father of Philippine singer Bruno Mars. He was born in Brooklyn, New York City, and has Puerto Rican and Ashkenazi Jewish descent.

Growing up, Hernandez discovered his knack for the performing arts and honed those skills into his adulthood. Hence, he embraced music as a career in his youth, working as a percussionist.

He also performed as part of the 50s-style group Doo-Wop and owns an Elvis Presley museum in Hawaii. As part of his act, Mars’ dad impersonated famous performers like Elvis, earning him an impressive audience.

Bruno Mars’ Mom

Bernadette San Pedro Bayot was a singer and hula dancer. The entertainer, born in the Philippines in 1957 moved to the United States at ten along with family members.

She eventually relocated to Hawaii in pursuit of her dancing and singing dreams. While in Hawaii, Bernadette worked as a hula dancer for a band.

During one of her shows, she met Peter Hernandez, who also performed at the event as a percussionist. Thus, their love story began.

Mars credits Bernadette with getting him his first keyboard at the age of two, which was a significant step in making him into a world-class singer.

By the time Bruno Mars turned four, he was already performing with his parents in the family’s music band. According to reports, the star wrote his first song ever at that age, utilizing the lyrics to sing odes to his mom. Bruno Mars’ Mom lived in Hawaii until her death in 2013.

How Did Bernadette Bayot Die?

Bernadette San Pedro Bayot died on June 3, 2013, a day that admittedly changed Mars’ perspective forever. A representative for the American crooner confirmed the news, saying she passed away at 55.

Bernadette died of a brain aneurysm at Queen Medical Centre in Honolulu, Hawaii, leaving the music legend heartbroken. Opening up about the loss, the 36-year-old revealed that his life changed ever since.

Bruno Mars, who had close ties with both parents, also admitted that if given the choice, he would trade music any day just to have his mom back.

Reports show the parents of six were already divorced and living separately at the time of Bernadette’s death. Yet, they bore the loss as one big united family, standing by each other.

Who Are Bruno Mars’ Siblings

Aside from Bruno Mars, Peter and Bernadette were parents to five other kids including sisters Tiara, Tahiti, Presley, and Jamie. Mars has one brother, Eric Hernandez, best known as the drummer in the “Lazy Song” crooner’s infamous band, The Hooligans.

Bruno Mars as a child with his mom and siblings | image: Pinterest
Image: Pinterest

Notably, all of the Grammy-winner’s siblings are as talented as him and nurture their interest in music. His sisters perform as part of the girl music group, The Lylas, following in their parent’s footsteps.

Bruno Mars remains the most famous of his siblings and continues making his mark in the industry. He has several awards up his sleeves, becoming one of a few Philippine singers to attain international stardom.

Perhaps his name change and decision to pursue American music rather than Spanish music as many initially suggested was the spark his career needed. It certainly paid off! 

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