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Damon Welch: Meet Raquel Welch’s First Child

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Damon Welch is the first celebrity child of the late Hollywood megastar Raquel Welch. Who is he, and what is his story?

As with all celebrity kids, Damon Welch was born into the spotlight. As his mother’s fame grew, so did fans’ curiosity to know more about Damon and his life. Keep reading to learn more about him. 

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Who Is Damon Welch?

Damon Welch is an American actor and celebrity child of the late Hollywood actress Raquel Welch and her first husband, James. He was born in San Diego, California, on November 6, 1959. He has only one sibling, Tahnee, who was born in 1961. 

Damon Welch
Damon Welch. (Source: Pinterest)

Raquel had Damon relatively young when she had just graduated from La Jolla High School in California. She realized she was pregnant with her high school sweetheart, James, and the two decided to keep the child and get married. 

Due to the nature of his mother’s career, Damon spent most of his childhood moving between England, Spain, Italy, and the US, where they eventually settled down. 

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His early educational background is unknown, but he reportedly graduated from Boston University in 1986 with a bachelor’s in communication and media studies, according to his LinkedIn profile. He currently lives in Little Elm, Texas, as a computer consultant. 

Damon Welch’s Career

The celebrity child started with a career in acting. When he was 11, Damon, his mom, and sister Tahnee appeared in the 1971 movie “The Beloved.” His love for acting came from his mother’s passion and successful career, which inspired Damon to follow suit. 

Raquel Welch
Actress and Supermodel Raquel Welch. (Source: Instagram/Vandypop)

However, life in the movie industry comes with public attention and scrutiny, which Damon was unprepared for. He gave up on acting and now works as a computer consultant in Little Elm, Texas. He doubles as a network administrator at his job, thanks to his communications degree.

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Before moving to Little Elm, Damon worked as an administrator for information systems at J&B Asset Management in the Greater Los Angeles Area for about ten years, between 2001 and 2010. Damon lives a non-celebrity, private life away from the media and is much happier for it. 

Damon Welch’s Movies

Before quitting acting for a more private life, Damon appeared in several movies. Some of his appearances include:

  • J-Men Forever (1979)
  • The Beloved (1971)
  • Raquel: Total Beauty and Fitness (1984)
  • Intimate Portrait (1990)

Who Is Damon Welch’s Father?

Damon Welch’s father was a businessman who later became a multimillionaire. He attended the same school with Damon’s mother, Raquel, and was her high school boyfriend while they were students. 

When Raquel got pregnant, the couple decided to make it official and married legally. They were married from 1959 to 1964, when they got a divorce. After his divorce from Raquel, James invested in several businesses and became a multimillionaire real estate developer.

He also married another woman named Jean, with whom he had a son. Raquel once mentioned in an interview that divorcing James was one of her biggest regrets, as he was the only husband out of her four marriages who treated her right. 

Tahnee and Damon Welch, the Difference Between Both Siblings

Unlike Damon, who chose to keep his life as private as possible, his sister Tahnee has chosen a life of fame. The second child of Raquel and James chose a career in the entertainment industry just like her mother. She is an established model and was once a Playboy model like her mother and Leanna Decker

Tahnee Welch
Tahnee Welch. (Source: Pinterest)

She is famous across the European entertainment industry for her modeling and acting skills. She is best known for starring in Ron Howard’s blockbuster film, “Cocoon.” In countries like Italy, Tahnee is famous for featuring in shows like “Disperatamente Giulia” and “Amarsi un po.” 

Her other notable films include “Search and Destroy” and “Shot Andy Warhol.” She has a large following on her social media accounts and does not shy away from the cameras like her brother Damon. 

Damon Welch’s Wife

Damon was married briefly to Rebecca Trueman, a stylist and fashion buyer in the entertainment industry. She is mainly known as the daughter of England Cricketing champion Fred Trueman. 

The couple married on June 5, 1991, at Bolton Abbey in Yorkshire Dales. They had a private and secluded wedding and exchanged their wedding vows with just two witnesses. 

Their marriage lasted just 15 months, and the couple filed for a divorce. In an interview, Rebecca joked that their marriage “did not last as long as his come-up.” 

Although their marriage ended early, the pair ended things mutually and have remained cordial. They did not have any children together, so the issue of child custody or child support never came into play in their divorce. 

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